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We like to discuss all kinds of LEGO magazines here at The Brick Post. Most of these are targeted at kids. Today we have a special one for you however. The 2024 Annual from Classicstylecastle is a great magazine style document for all ages! It offers stories, games, building instructions (and other custom digital LEGO designs), craft, puzzles and so much more! And it’s available to download for free right now.

In this annual a lot of the factions get dedicated pages, like Wolfpack, forestman and dragon masters.

It’s not only classic castle that can be found here, other classic themes like Space, Wild West, Adventurers and Paradisa are also appreciated. In total it’s 67 pages of Classic LEGO fun! Even the ‘adverts’ are done in a very fitting way. I won’t give all away here because you should of course have a look for yourself.

But this is quite a nice activity book for younger fans as well, with puzzles, colouring pages and even a Wolfpack Easter Bunny mask!

Last but not least Classicstylecastle also shows some sketches how some of his MOCs started and there’s a competition where you can win quite an impressive bundle of his building instructions.

After my first look at the annual I immediately got some bricks out and started building a few of the available models. I had to make a few minor adjustments for not having the right parts at hand. As I discovered, it was quite easy to substitute the missing parts without fundamentally changing the models. In total there are 17 instructions included.  They vary in sizes so here’s a few that I picked with parts I had available:

There’s a full village market included with a lot of different stalls and medieval market activities like a jester on stilts, I choose to build the ‘Butcher’s Stall’ and the ‘Village Stocks’. Even as a vegetarian I love the creativity for the rotisserie pig roast. It’s just some basic parts used but it manages to capture the shape of a pig really well! So of course I recommend building that one. The stocks are funny for a minifig scene, so even though the build was simple, I really liked it!

From the other builds I picked the ‘Hedgerow Handcart’and the ‘Wolfpack Ballista’. With only a small number of sets released for the Wolfpack faction it’s fun to get a few more builds for them. And Forestmen is surely one of the other fan favourite factions from Classic Castle. If you know how many sets there were, be sure to take the quiz in the annual by the way, it will test your knowledge with fun and interesting questions like that.

And to be honest this is just a quick overview, there’s a lot more to get into! So if you’re a Classic LEGO fan, be sure to download the annual and spend a day with your family enjoying all the fun it has to offer. You can download the full version here:

A big thank you to Classicstylecastle for providing the community with such a well produced annual! It’s awesome to see the dedication and enthusiasm that no doubt has gone into creating this. And I will no doubt build a few more of the instructions once this feature is online.

Be sure to show your support for the creator by following on social media and check out the instructions for the bigger builds that are available on Rebrickable!



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  1. Thanks for the feature! I’m glad you enjoyed not only reading it, but actually took the time to build some of the models as well.

    1. The awesome handy work of Patrick. Hope it continues for years and years ☺️

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