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The next Special Edition Jurassic World magazine is out and it includes another Dinosaur!

You can pickup this magazine from 27th March.

If you remember the last issue, the one with the cool T-Rex freebie, then you’ll be in with another treat here as this latest edition comes complete with a Triceratops!

Magazine front

The Triceratops is made up of 65 pieces, which is quite substantial for a freebie.

Triceratops foil bag

The build itself is again simple and straightforward and uses some nice techniques.

Instructions preview

You get some really unique elements included. Two white plant pieces used as the horns, 1×2 inverted curved tiles, Technic pins and sockets, and more.

Bits and pieces

Once you’ve constructed the main body you move into the legs and head. You then attach everything to the body.

Head, body and legs

Just like the T-Rex build this one has some really good articulation. The head can turn and swivel, the legs turn etc. Great for implementing some basic Dinosaur poses!

LEGO Triceratops

Top down view

Front on view

I would like to include this Triceratops build in a MOC, do you have any suggestions? Perhaps I could recreate the ‘big pile of poop’ scene from the original Jurassic Park? Let me know in the comments below.

The magazine is jam-packed with puzzles, and features a cool comic story which features fan favourite Nedry!


You get a pull-out poster which is double sided. I always keep and collect the posters, I must say I have quite a few now.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Here is a sneaky peek at the freebie in next months issue. As I mentioned in the T-Rex magazine review, we usually get an Owen Minifigure, and low-an-behold he makes yet another come back in the next issue. Personally I feel this is a cop-out on LEGO’s part, as we’ve had two great builds (T-Rex & Triceratops) and now we get stuck with another Owen Minifigure to add to the numerous others. Please LEGO, please please include something worth collecting, like Nedry, or even and exclusive Richard Hammond Minifigure! We can only hope 😉

In the next issue…

So there we have it, another great addition to the LEGO Magazine range. I really hope they continue producing these Dinosaur builds some time soon, they’re great!

Will you add this one to your collection or steer clear of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, it’s truly appreciated!

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