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Every month sees plenty of fun LEGO activities hosted by AFOLs on social media, mostly Instagram. December is no exception and we’ve got some great ones for you to join!

Building Challenges can be a lot of fun. Not just the creative aspect with building, but also the social interactions with other builders from around the world. In December most challenges will have a holiday theme, which will give an extra excuse to get your bricks out and join in the festive building! And if you’re not building these can be some fun hashtags to follow to check out the creations from other AFOLs.


Anabelle @brickswhynot is hosting the ornament hashtag #YourLEGObaubles. These can be sets, MOCs, digital etc as long as it’s LEGO. So the prompt is simple: show your LEGO balls on instagram, tag @brickswhynot and add #YourLEGObaubles.


Just like last year Jen @brickfambuilds and Kate @brickhuntress (who hosts the monthly @letsbuildseries we’ve featured before) join forces for a December mega collab.
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Life Day, Festivus, or just enjoy the excuse as a break from work to go on holiday, this prompt is entirely open ended to your interpretation and celebration of choice! Build as many or as few as you’d like, most will build one for each of the six days, or at least three to have a mini stack for stack day, but one is just as fun and will allow you to qualify for multiple prizes.
If you want to see the basics of building a habitat you can visit @habitatchallenge or read or blog about them here. The challenge will run December 16th-21st for individual habitats with stacks posted on December 22nd. Be sure to tag both @habitatchallenge and @letsbuildseries as collaborators on your entries!


(image by Dana @virginia_bricks)

For the 4th year @bradyjoynerbricks is hosting #diversifylegoholidays. This is a challenge I particularly support. Last year I discovered this quite late when building my holiday habitats, but managed to sneak some diversity in my stack. Ever since I’ve tried to keep diversity part of my building projects. So this had a huge impact on me as a builder.

Many people don’t see themselves reflected in holiday movies, ads, stories, artwork, etc., whether that be because of their culture, race, ethnicity, religion, ability status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or another part of their identity.

You can help! Consider changing up the skin tones of your buildable BrickHeadz character or your minifigs! Add a family with two moms in your winter village! Share a build celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice! Install wheelchair ramps in your winter village!

This challenge is open to any format and can be combined with any other challenge. So it can be a bauble, habitat, heart, sigfigscene or anything you can imagine. So share the joy and celebrate the diversity of the community. Include the hashtag #diversifylegoholidays and tag @bradyjoynerbricks in your entry and you’re done! If you want to see some examples, be sure to follow for his interesting tips!


The LEGO Group hosts their annual charity building event #BuildToGive. This building challenge started in November but will be running on in December so be sure to join! This year builders are invited to build a heart and post it to social media. TLG will donate sets to their chosen charities for all builds entered up to 1.500.000 sets. All details can be found here.


A monthly returning Instagram challenge hosted by @speedykiwi92 @plasticwanderer and @reddsbricks. The challenge is just as straightforward as the hashtag suggests: build a decorated or themed calendar for the month December. Post your brick built calender before December 11th and be sure to add @brickbuiltcalender as a collaborator.

Are you planning to join any of these challenges? Or did we miss a fun activity? Let us know in the comments! If you are hosting and want to have your building challenge featured in November please reach out on Instagram or comment below.

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