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This week’s LEGO Ideas Feature hits a bit more closer to home in the fact that it’s from a couple of good friends that I’ve meet since starting The Brick Post.

Aaron (@cabbageFaceBricks) and Martin (@BoomBrickz) have worked on and submitted a joint product idea in the form of the Koach from The Munsters!

I’ll start of by saying that this show was a just a little bit before my time, twenty years to be exact. I do however remember catching the odd rerun episode here and there and thinking this is fun and quirky. So please don’t quote me on anything related to The Munsters as I’m bound to get the facts wrong.

The product idea itself is based on The Munsters vehicle known as their Koach. It’s quite a long vehicle as it needs to fit the whole Family in which include Herman, Lily, Eddie, and Marilyn Munster along with their Grandpa.

You can get a rough comparison in size to the recent LEGO 10274 Creator Expert Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set, which measures over 47cm. Martin has given me estimated dimensions of 15cm by 48cm, this does indeed match up to the Ecto-1 above which means it will be an incredible display piece.

This would be on the same scale as the recent Ecto-1 and it would make an amazing display piece with a fun build to match!

With 1048 pieces the idea boasts a ton of details and a good collection of gold elements from the engine exhausts  and grille to the headlights and decoration above the windscreen.

The use of LEGO Cherries, in gold, is such a great idea and works extremely well, and who wouldn’t want a ton of gold cherries?!

Using 1048 pieces this is something that we would both love to see being made into a real LEGO set.

The engine is almost as iconic as the cars shape with it sitting exposed and the gold exhausts reaching out of the bonnet itself. The whole vehicle is almost Dragster-like in appearance with the larger wheels at the back and small ones at the front, even the details in the wheels look great.

I must admit that the rear seat would be terrifying to sit and travel in, although the wind blowing through your hair would be exhilarating. You can see that the creators have choosen the elements used wisely and the rear seat, along with the whole build, looks extremely sturdy and well built!

Another iconic part of this vehicle is the ‘Monster’ licence plate at the back, they’ve replicated this well and looks just like the original from the 1960s. Being the only image element in the set we hope, once this set gathers enough support, that LEGO will opt for a print rather than a sticker.

Their product idea was submitted and accepted at the start of this week (22nd March) and reached the 100 supporter milestone withing the first day, since then they have received over 300 supporters and 74 comments – and is still going strong.

Keep up the good work lads and we hope to see more milestones hit and updates from you along the way. Enjoy the journey that LEGO Ideas has to offer and we wish you all the best in your quest for 10,000 supporters!

Please do the right thing and head over to their product idea page to hit that support button:

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