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It seems Christmas preperations get underway earlier each Year so I thought why not join in with this week’s LEGO Ideas Feature, Ben Alder’s Advent Calendar!

This fun advent calendar can be used year after year…

Ben Alder’s LEGO Advent Calendar

You may recognise the name as Ben is already a 10k Club Member with his winning Winnie The Pooh set, due for release sometime soon.

Ben is back and with a Christmas themed idea this time round. He’s gone for a traditional advent calendar with a modern LEGO twist. You can open each present and be surprised Year after Year with whatever takes your fancy, from small builds and Minifigures to chocolate treats!

Pop goes the Reindeer

The presents look really well thought out and the construction is simple and it works. Using hinges to leave the present accessible to pop in a treat of some sort.

Hello there!

You can also position and display it how you want as the set is built to be separate presents which connect to one another, giving you the freedom to either have it as a centre piece or in a straight line on the mantlepiece. Personally I’d opt for having it on my window seal in the front room so my Family could see and interact with it.


Of course an Advent Calendar wouldn’t be complete if Santa didn’t make an appearance. Ben has brick-built two characters, Santa himself and one of his Reindeer, Rudolph!

Santa and Co.

Very similar to LEGO BrickHeadz but with Ben’s personal twist to them. I like the SNOT (studs not on top) construction as it adds so many new layers and options to a build than most straight forward methods. Santa’s beard and hat stand out for me with all the curves and unique angles.

They both sit within the main present at the centre of the Advent Calendar, just like a cherry on the cake!

Enough room for two

Overall the idea is fantastic and I’d love to see this choosen once it hits 10k supporters. I would buy this in a heartbeat as, apart from the Minifigure advent calendars, there isn’t much choice when it comes to brick-built ones. The build would be a family event just before the countdown starts and would get everyone in the mood for the holiday season.

Please head over to Ben’s LEGO Ideas page to find out about this creation and more, he has a few on the go currently and they’re all worth a look and your support!

Good luck Ben! 

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