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Over the past decade or so, LEGO hasn’t been shying away from nostalgia, sometimes more subtle than other times. Quite a few themes have been referenced for stickers in sets or torso prints for (CMF) Minifigures. After the success of the LEGO Ideas Barracuda Bay set we have gotten quite a few remakes of classic sets. These sets appear to be mostly targeted at AFOLs born in the seventies and eighties, bringing back sets from our childhood.

Before I discuss the rumour and it’s potential in more detail there needs to be a big disclaimer of course! These are unconfirmed rumours and should be treated as such. I consider the sources credible enough to post about it, but at the same time release schedules can and might change. Sets being cancelled last-minute also has been occuring. So take this with a healthy pinch of salt.

After we’ve seen the release of Eldorado Fortress this year, it’s rumoured we will see 2 new nostalgic sets released next year. These are rumoured to be part of a new ‘LEGO Moments‘ subtheme as originally shared by @brick_clicker.


The first of these will be number 10391, a large black spaceship (possibly Blacktron) containing 966 pieces with 2 minifigures. This set will probably release in April 2024. The second set, numbered 10392, is also claimed to be part of this LEGO Moments subtheme. However no specifics are rumoured about this set at the moment.


Furthermore there have been rumours going round in the last few months that 2024 will see the return of BIONICLE. These rumours are also unconfirmed at the moment but it’s possible that a BIONICLE set would fit in the nostalgic LEGO theme. Other rumours suggest a Medieval Market might be on the cards, finally bringing back the Goat figure. Time will tell if any of these rumours come true.

So what are you hoping for? What would you love to see returning if LEGO produces more nostalgic sets? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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