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I’ve started to get back into MOCs (my own creation) and have produced a few smaller vignette style scenes for some custom Minifigures. Whilst building I realised that I have missed the whole experience and just how relaxing it is, especially if the idea goes my way. This leads me onto custom sets by fans and businesses that essentially sell their ideas, all whilst using genuine LEGO bricks & pieces. A great idea and one I need to look into more myself,  as the variety on sale is surprisingly large, if you know where to look.

One such place is, which I was most fortunate to have a go at thanks to a good group of friends that banded together and got me something special for my Birthday. 

Being a news & media website it felt very apt to receive the Newsagent/Magazine Stand as a gift. I built this live on our Instagram channel (@thebrickpost) and had a blast building it and chatting to the viewers.

Packaged up nicely in a zip bag, complete with instructions, the build isn’t divided up into large or small pieces, which is fine as a set of this size doesn’t need it. 

I tipped the bag up and removed the parts along with the instruction sheet. The sheet had only a handful of steps on it that kind of surprised me, in a good way, it shows that you can easily get by with a lot less, compared to official LEGO Instructions.

The parts on offer are varied and come in some nice colours, the dark blue is especially nice to see.

Building up the Newsstand was very straightforward and simple, starting with a solid base and working your way up. Adding drinks to the fridge, sweets to the shelves, and Newspapers & Magazines along the front.

This brings us onto the tiles themselves, all 24 of them. The designs the OneMoreBrick team have supplied are stunning and the prints are done extremely well, very colourful and crisp. Check out a few of my favourite below:


The roof section is simple yet effective and includes an air vent, News sign, and a brick-built Seagull. This finishes the custom set of nicely and makes the whole look very reminiscent of American style Newsstands.

Over the custom set is great and would fit into a Cityscape incredibly well, I just wish I had space for a City of my own!

As usual I went overboard with the customisation and swapped out most of the tiles for my mine, The Brick Post Newspapers, even changing the ones on the the included small spinner.

If you want to pickup one of out custom The Brick Post tiles then head over to our shop and take a look at what’s on offer, don’t forget to follow us for all the latest LEGO related news reviews and live streams.

To pickup one for yourself or to browse their extensive selection, click here.


One More Brick Newsstand Newsagent Magazine Stand


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  1. Glad you liked your Birthday present, it looks pretty good and those prints look excellent 👍🏼

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