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This little set packs a big punch, and that’s not referring to the Mech’s gloved hand!

For a small £8.99 (RRP) set you get a fair amount of pieces, 152 in fact.

The main build:
Crack open the box and out slide 3 numbered bags, usual for a set of this size.

Bag 1 consists of the main torso build and the Thanos Minifigure itself, which we’ll look closer at later in the review.

Bag 2 is the right arm and thighs, this is where all 4 stickers are applied, 2 to the upper arms, and 2 to the thighs. All 4 stickers are identical.

Bag 3 finishes off the Mech; feet and legs, and left hand with Gauntlet complete with Infinity Stones. Sadly the Stones are just transparent coloured tiles instead of the gem-like ones we’ve seen in the past.

The Right hand, with the Gauntlet, is quite a lot larger than the left hand. Granted it’s meant to be as its technically a glove. Just looks a little too big in my opinion. It does however have great articulation, which means you can grab objects and Minifigures more realistically!

The Minifigure:
We’ve only ever seen Thanos represented as a Bigfig, so seeing him shrunk down to Minifigure size is a tad strange I must admit.

The printing is done well as usual and consistent with LEGO’s quality. In the right light it gives off a nice golden shimmer.

Thanos comes with a gold helmet which suits him. He can however remove it and use the figure without it as it looks just as good.

Final thoughts:
Overall it’s a great little set, well worth the £8.99 price tag. Playability is great, specially with the added articulation in the fingers. Construction of the Mech is very straightforward and simple.

Spare pieces include a full set of Infinity Stones (tiles)!

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