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This year LEGO is offering 2 Christmas themed GWP‘s. Today I’ll be reviewing the smallest of these with the Wintertime Carriage Ride (40603) following in the near future.

This set was of course designed by Chris McVeigh aka Powerpig who released 2 books on LEGO Christmas ornaments before becoming a LEGO designer. So we are in safe hands!

As usual, with opening a new set I hope to finally find my first paper bags. Unfortunately it’s still single use plastic I found in this one. Parts are divided over 3 bags without a number. With a piece count like this it’s not really an issue to find the needed parts, so no problem there.

Part selection

The set consists of 182 parts. There are no special or printed parts in this set, but the parts provided are just solid versatile parts. So an 8 out of 10 for me.

Build process

The baubles are rather elegant to build, the used slope parts make them fit together really nice. I don’t want to spoil your building pleasure so I won’t show exactly how it’s build. If you are not going to get the set with a purchase you can always check out the online building instructions. The building technique for all 3 is the same and before I had finished the first bauble I stopped using the booklet myself. In a bigger set the repetetive nature would become annoying, but with a set this size I could tolerate it quite well. It was just a nice and quick build and the pleasing colour scheme variations made it interesting enough. So for building process I’d also give an 8 out of 10. Nothing extra special, just solid.

The price

With a spending threshold of €70/$70/£65 it’s not crazy good value like some other GWP’s we had this year. But it’s certainly not bad either. With the current prices with inflation from the last 2 years taken into account, I’d say the threshold is just reasonable and fair. A 9 out of 10 for me.


These are rather nice to hang in your Christmas tree (if the branches are sturdy enough to hold them). These weigh a bit more so it probably won’t work for everybody. But if they do, they’re quite easy to clone so it should be possible to have a nicely decorated LEGO themed Christmas tree with this set (and a few extra).

If you are considering a LEGO purchase, I’d recommend picking this one up before the 14th of December or stock runs out.

So what do you think of this set? Have you also picked it up or plan to get it? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Christmas Decor Set (40604)


Nice little GWP, spending threshold is fair.


Part selection 8
Build Process 8
The Cost (£65/€70 GWP threshold) 9
Display-ability 10

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