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LEGO sets don’t usually catch me off guard as we know, or have heard mutterings, about them weeks or even months before they officially get revealed, but I must admit the latest offering from LEGO Marvel was one of them!

Not only is it unexpected, and a scene I wouldn’t think LEGO would recreate, it is also very cool and full of easter eggs, details, and above all else, awesome Minifigures. 

The LEGO Marvel Bro Thor’s New Asgard (76200) set is up for review and we have high praise for it, so please sit back, relax, grab a Thor sized beverage and enjoy our review!

The box art & contents:

Box art – front & back

As usual the box art is stunning and continues with the new Infinity Saga branding at the top left and Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet down the right side. I like how the LEGO version of Thanos is on the reverse of the box and in exactly the same pose.

Popping the tabs and sliding out the contents never gets old, along with the rustling of the bags and the quick flick through the instructions, it’s all part of the build process.

What’s in the box?!

Being a relatively small set there are only two numbered bags, a stickers sheet, and instruction manual.

Now normally this would be where I’d rant that a set has stickers, and printed ones would have been nicer, but let’s face it we hardly ever get printed tiles in a set this size, the price doesn’t allow it. To be honest I’m OK with that, we don’t need printed pieces all the time and, dare I say it, it’s nice to apply the odd sticker every now & then.

There are a total of eight beautifully designed stickers, three being of the same design, that add so much to the set. From the newspaper that reads ‘5 year’s after the blip‘ and the ‘Welcome to New Asgard‘ sign to the pizza boxes, Thor & friends portrait, and the TV screen.


Also in the box is an instruction manual, which is very handy, without it your finished build may look different and just fall apart!

The build:

Recreating a scene from a movie or TV show is always welcomed in my book, especially when it’s from a popular one, it not only grabs the attention of LEGO fans but also pulls in fans of the movies and source material. Win win.

Bro Thor’s Roomset

The main build is taken straight from a scene found roughly 50 minutes in. It features Thor, who has let himself go slightly, Korg, a big rock monster, and Miek, who is a…not entirely sure what he is, but that’s the main trio to take away from this scene. Although Hulk and Rocket are there to bring Thor back to the Avengers, it’s not Reay about them.

I really like these small vignettes and the way they are laid out and presented, it reminds me of a few MOCs I’ve done in the past, focusing on one corner of a room.

Bag one – base, walls, floor

Bag one has us construct the base and lower half of the outside wall, you also pop down a few tiles where the sofa and TV will eventually go. We also make the ‘Welcome to New Asgard‘ sign and where you apply the first sticker. I really like the the inclusion of the sign as again it was a cool moment in the movie seeing where Thor and his people have settled.

Bag two – finishing the build

Bag two finishes off the whole build but adds so much along the way, it’s jam packed with details, easter eggs and little trinkets, that actually do show up in the movie. From the beer bottles by the fireplace to the boat on the mantlepiece, the attention to detail is spot on!

The sofa, which is build entirely out of snad green pieces, is stunning and I feel LEGO has perfected their sofa building skills a lot of the last couple of years, what with the LEGO F.R.I.E.N.D.S and LEGO Ideas Seinfeld sets.


There is something hidden under the sofa too, in the build, and that is a cookie. I’m not sure how long it has been there but I wouldn’t put it past Thor chowing down if he found it!

Dotted around the apartment floor are slices of pizza along with the boxes. This is another detail I particularly like as the logo on the box is based on Storm breaker, Thor’s new Axe/Hammer, and ingeniously named Stormbaker!

Stormbaker’s Pizza!

As mentioned towards the start of the review, we get six individually designed stickers and my favourite has to be the newspaper with the headline ‘5 years after the blip‘. Having designed our own custom newspaper tiles I can appreciate these a little more and love how they’ve laid out the front cover.

Cool newspaper tile

Keeping on the theme of stickers we also get a portrait photo which almost looks ike a selfie. It features the Thor and the gang from Thor Ragnarok, with Miek, Korg, Valkyrie, and of course Thor!

Another highlight is the video game they play, which to me looks a lot like Fortnite. It also shows an open chat panel with NoobMaster69, someone Thor and Korg both have trouble with when playing. It’s easter eggs and details like this that really make the set come alive, especially when the designs and prints are do so well, the video game one in particular is gorgeous!

Thor & Co.


Turn the set around and you’ll find a tiny bit of detail in the form of a cobbled step just in front of the door, but sadly that is all. The walls look somewhat bare and ugly from this angle, but then again the set is built for display from the front so I’ll forgive them.

The ugly side

The Minifigures:

Onto one of the main reasons to grab this set, the Minifigures!

There are two full Minifigures included, Thor and Korg, along with a head piece which represents Miek. 

Meet the Minifigures

Starting off with Miek, as there’s not as much to say about him/it. He is basically a dark lavender head plopped onto two two flower pieces of the same colour. The printing on his face is pretty decent and does resemble an alien face.


Korg is an exclusive Minifigure to this set and I have one word to sum him up… Wow!

I love how this Minifigure has turned out, from his unique rock headpiece to his Hawaiian themed shirt, it sums up the character to a tee. LEGO have certainly captured his style and quirkiness, even including a pair of headphones which he uses in that particular scene.


Thor is the other exclusive Minifigure here too and again it’s done to perfection. It’s refreshing to get something new for a change, like his torso and legs, these are both great together but at the same time can be used for totally different looks. Finally I have a bare chested torso that I can use in my Sigfig and it looks accurate!

Both Minifigures have excellent detail and prints front & back, Korg and Thor also have alternate faces, which is a nice inclusion.

“NoobMaster69? Hey, it’s Thor. You know, the God of Thunder?!”


For the cost, £27.99, this little set has quickly become the highlight of 2021, I know it certainly has for me!

From being surprised LEGO produced it to the final product I can’t honestly say it’s a great set and it works so well. The whole build process was easy and straightforward and although there were a handful of stickers I actually didn’t mind them, after all they add so much detail to the set.

The Minifigures is where it’s at and they’ll sit pride of place in my display, alongside a load more from this year alone.

Bro Thor, Korg, and Miek are awesome characters in the MCU but to have them made into LEGO form is amazing, it’s a close call but I think Bro Thor is my favourite!

Thank you for joining me and reading our review of LEGO Marvel Bro Thor’s New Asgard (76200), we hope you enjoy it as much as we have building it.


My Sigfig enjoying a game!


LEGO Marvel Bro Thor’s New Asgard (76200)



The Box 10
The Build 10
The Minifigures 10
The Cost (£27.99) 9
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  1. Awesome set all round 100% agree with the review! Scene brilliant (from the front). Piece usage amazing. Stickers meh… Minifigs EPIC!

    Brick McBricksworth.

  2. Great review Greg! This set looks amazing, I’ve just ordered it and can’t wait to build it.

    kind regards Joe

    1. Thank you for the kind words, we really appreciate the feedback on our writing and reviews 😊

      It’s a great little set and one to display for sure. Enjoy it! Would be great to know what you think of it too 👍

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