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If there’s one LEGO Magazine you can count on for awesome freebies, Minifigures in particular, then that’s the LEGO Marvel Avengers (Super Heroes Legends) Magazine!

Since it’s launch every Foil Bag Minifigure that has been attached to it has been top notch, from the very first issue with Spider-Man to this one which has a Superhero that hasn’t really been in many sets, War Machine.

The Magazine:

This issue is filled with all the familiar content that we’re used to with a ton of puzzles and activities, a quiz, a comic story, and a double sided poster. I love it when LEGO include a quiz as it not only tests you on your Marvel knowledge but also encourages the younger fans to actually read through the magazine in full, as all the answers are found within the pages.

The quiz focuses on four of the main characters, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Black Panther. Their individual sections list questions based on things like ‘What kind of gear does Captain America use?‘, ‘What is Iron Man’s real name?, and ‘After what animal is Black Widow named?‘, you’ll agree and say some hard hitting questions!

If you take part in the quiz please do let us know your score in the commenta below.

Other notable puzzles are the Maze, you’ll usually find a few dotted throughout the every issue, some big some small. Turning the first page of this magazine you’ll find one just above the contents list, it’s rather small but it’s still enjoyable, my Son loves them.

There are also plenty of activities to get stuck into and solve, usually they’ve involve code cracking or matching the item with the Superhero or Villain, there’s a good one where you need to figure out which route Captain America’s Shield traveled in order to apprehend Red Skull.

Another fun activity are the occasional ‘Design your own Superhero‘ pages, in this issue you need to send Captain America on a new mission but you’ll need to design him a new outfit and shield before sending him on his way. Great for letting your young LEGO fan be fully creative and design something cool.

On the opposite page you’ll fonda fact file on the Thanos, the Mad Titan himself. I find these are worth cutting out (carefully) and popping in a folder for later use, they’ve released a few of these now and make for a nice collection.


As always the comic strip stories feature the Minifigure freebie, in this case War Machine, which allow you to somewhat play along and have that higher level of interactivity.

The story this time is called ‘Deceit in the Skies‘ and features some of the Superheroes that can fly, such as Iron Man, The Falcon, and of course War Machine. Nick Fury and his associates make an appearance also.

The art work looks pretty decent too and I particularly like reading these comics to my Son, who equally likes hearing them.

When it comes to the double sided poster you probably know by now that I keep every single one, I just never know when I’ll need them and the artwork is usually stunning. The poster in this magazine is one of the better ones of recent issues and features War Machine and Iron Man with the tagline ‘Partners of Steel‘. Flip is over and they’ve pitted Good against Evil.

The Minifigure:

Onto the freebie Minifigure now and what can I say apart from wow!

As I mentioned at the start this line of LEGO Magazine has been incredible for bagging the more sought-after Minifigures and ones you wouldn’t usually get. War Machine is definitely one of the lesser characters we’ve seen in sets, if I’m right in saying that he’s only appeared in three sets.

He comes with a tons of weaponry too, his shoulder-mounted blaster and missile launcher. The parts used for the blaster are those that most fans despise, they’re found mostly in newer LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs and look absolutely out of place. However I do think it works well here as a shoulder-mounted weapon as the scale looks about right.

Pop the Minifigure and you can see War Machine in all his glory, and boy is it a beautiful Minifigure. The printing on the head, torso and legs is amazing and there is so much detail it’s incredible.

The red and silver accent colours really pop against the black background, it’s also great to get leg printing too and there is plenty to see.

Another nice inclusion is the piece on which he stands, LEGO has done this before with other Iron Man Minifigures in both Foil Bags and Polybags.

There are the two faces, one with the HUD (Heads up display) and the other without. Pop off the Helmet and you’ll see the detail of both faces are done to the high LEGO standard.


Overall the Magazine is good with the usual contents of activities, comics, and puzzles, albeit just changed slightly to see the theme, in this case Marvel.

For us fans the Minifigure freebie is where it’s at, and boy what an awesome one it is. War Machine certainly packs a punch and comes out all guns blazing with his weaponry and printed parts. Definitely one to pop in the collection!

If you collect this magazine, or any of the others themes, please let us know via the comments below.

Thank you for taking the time to read, or listen, to this review, we hope you enjoyed it!

See below for a sneaky peek of next issues freebie, it’s another awesome Minifigure in the form of the Iron Spider!


LEGO Marval Avengers Magazine Issue 7



The Magazine 7
The Freebie 10
The Cost (£3.99) 10
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