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This past year I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the weekly #sigfigscene every Wednesday hosted by this website, @thebrickpost and @brick_beat. Making these scenes has lead me to creating some of my favorite creations and these creations o1ften need some added details I just don’t have. For this I turned to

I recently ordered the Box of Blocks Collection from The set comes with nine beautifully designed 2×2 tiles, quality printed on genuine LEGO parts. Each custom tile is attached to a 2×2 LEGO brick of matching color to better resemble a three-dimensional box.

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The collection comes with a tile for some of LEGO’s most popular themes:

The Magic box of blocks tile features a Castle similar to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Where as the Ninja box of blocks represents the Ninjago theme shown by a dragon scene. 

The Dino Park box of blocks shows a T-Rex and the Jurassic Park gates. Followed by the purple Mates box of blocks showing a friends house. 

The Heroes box of blocks covers the marvel theme, whilst the Mineblocks box of blocks has a great image of Steve from Minecraft. 

Last but not least we have the Creative box of blocks showing Big Ben, this one represents the Creator Expert series. There is also a Space Wars box of blocks which shows the Star Wars Star Destroyer.

The latest tile recently added to this set is the Fantasy box of blocks showing the round door to  resemble the hobbit home from The Lord of the Rings.

These tiles are perfect for more than one of my builds but for now they will live in my Lego store vignette keeping the shelves fully stocked. Checkout everything have to offer including the Box of Blocks Collection of tiles. Don’t forget that all links on this page point to them and automatically adds a 10% discount to your basket.

Click here to get 10% off your order!

Here are the tiles in a scene I recently created, as you can see they’re perfect for MOCs and adding unique detail to your LEGO sets.

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Hi, I’m Dana (@virginia_bricks). Ive been creating with LEGO since early 2020 - with a focus in mosaic style builds. Co-host of the weekly event #MosaicsOnMonday

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