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LEGO Minifigures come in most sets, from City and Ninjago to Star Wars and more. Some are generic and not worth much, but there are several that are rare, sought-after or have a manufacturing error which in turn hike their price up, particularly on the secondary market!

One of the most notable entries on the list of the Worlds most valuable Minifigure is of course ‘Mr Gold‘. For starters he was limited to just 5000 globally, to add to this he could only be found in Series 10 of the Collectible Minifigures line of sets. This combination has made ‘Mr Gold‘ a collectors dream, which for most it will stay, a dream.

For me personally I sadly don’t have any extremely valuable Minifigures in my collection, there might be one or two that are worth more but overall they’re most likely £10 tops. There is one that comes to mind but he has seen recent dips in price, Deadpool. I paid almost £20 for him a few years ago, which back then I thought was rather a lot.

My question for you today is, What’s the most valuable Minifigure in your collection?

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