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I don’t usually buy many magazines, even when LEGO is plastered all over it, but the odd one does come around that I just can’t refuse – The LEGO Star Wars issues!

Issue 61 front cover

They seem to be somewhat aloof when it comes to a release date. You have to check your local newsagents often in hopes of spotting them. But when you do they rarely disappoint.

The Freebie:

Issue 61’s freebie is a decent sized AT-AT Walker, consisting of 51 pieces. Being an AT-AT, the bricks are all grey, with the one exception of a transparent clear stud holder which acts as the neck joint.

Foil bag contents

Like I said above it is quite a good size and one of the slightly taller mini-builds we have gotten lately. The build is enjoyable and uses some SNOT pieces to add details.

AT-AT Walker

From certain angles it looks absolutely stunning, but from others it looks ugly, lanky and clumsy. The legs do look a tad long from those angles and positioning them is a task in itself, making sure it looks good.

Head-on view

It looks worse from behind, the bare open plates don’t work well here, it just emphasises the spindly legs and joints.

From behind

The clear piece used for the neck joint is the one used in many Marvel sets for Minifigures to hold webs and weapons etc. It does a good job in joining the head to the body but as far as turning angles go it’s terrible. I know AT-ATs don’t have a good head tilt in the films but this LEGO mini-build has barely any.


Saying all that I do still like this model, mainly for it’s MOC potential. I may attempt to create an Hoth/Endor scene to plop this little guy into.

The Magazine:

There seems to be less & less to say about the Magazine itself without repeating myself each time. You get the same contents as all the other Magazines in the series, City, Friends, Batman and so on.

Two comic strip stories, one is focused on Han Solo with Boba Fett popping up throughout.

LEGO Comic

A handful of puzzles to complete and mazes to get through. Great for the little ones to have a go at!

There is one thing I really like about the Magazines and that is the included posters. I always carefully remove them, no matter what the subject, and keep them in a folder just incase one day I find a use for them. The art work has always appealed to me and this issues poster is most definitely a keeper – It’s a Stormtrooper!

LEGO Stormtrooper Poster

As these posters are double sided you get a choice of which one to display. The altenate side features Kylo Ren and Rey, facing off in an epic Lightsaber battle!

Ren Vs Rey!


Another great addition to the LEGO Star Wars Magazine range. Being issue 61 I feel as though they either need to spice it up a little and give us an exclusive Minifigure or stop for a year or so to start fresh.

The Mini-Build is nothing special and looks a little odd. The use of the grey bricks is good and works as a build in itself. Great for MOCs!

I will always keep an eye for these magazines and the freebie included. Next Issue we get a Stormtrooper Minifigure which does in fact look great, the helmet in particular really looks awesome, definitely a must get!

LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 62 freebie

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