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Don’t you just love Polybags?! They’re great ideas and perfect for taking on holiday and rainy days. They are also a great introduction into the World of LEGO, being smaller than any boxed set, usually.


We collect and build multiple Polybags throughout the Year, either as our hobby or part of the review process. The Train Polybag we are reviewing today was built by myself and Aaron (CabbageFaceLego) over on our sister website, Buddy Builds!

The Build:

I’ve recently got into LEGO Trains, and have a small but growing collection. Having motorised the LEGO Hogwarts Express, acquiring the LEGO City (60197) set, and a few smaller scale Trains, I have an appreciation for them.

When I saw this small scale Train polybag earlier in the Year I knew I had to have it. Finding new Polybags in the UK can sometimes be troublesome, not a lot of stores stock them, and when they do its usually months after hearing news of their release. I managed to find this one, amongst others, in a supermarket called Lidl.

The build itself is very enjoyable, utilising some good techniques. The range of parts on offer in such a small set is great;

  • Two 2×2 Dark Blue Brick 2 x 2 with Curved Top and 2 Studs on Top (30165)
  • Two Dark Blue Slope 2 x 4 Curved with Bottom Tubes (88930)
  • Black Minifig Hat Fez (29175 / 85975)
  • And more!

Train 30575

The colour choice suits it and looks great as a whole, from any angle.

Construction was straight forward and simple enough, making it perfect for any LEGO fan!


Consisting of 59 pieces and costing £2.99 it’s definitely a bargain!

I have a few more Trains in this scale and will be adding this one to make a very cool display piece.

Overall I highly recommend this polybag, if you can get your hands on it of course. Train enthusiast or not it’s a must get!

Thank you for taking the time to read this short but sweet review. We hope you enjoyed it, if so please leave a comment below as we’d love to hear from you.

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