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Back with another LEGO Polybag review and today we have LEGO City Beach Buggy (30369).

Originally released as a GWP (gift with purchase) on spends of £35 or more. We actually acquired this, among others, from a Supermarket called Lidl. They have a handful of different Polybags at a really good price, £2.99!

It’s great getting Polybags but when they include a Minifigure it’s a double win. The price to part ratio has always been good with these little bags of enjoy, and to add another character into your City or Play box is awesome!

The build itself is a Beach Buggy, which features a space at the rear to attach the Surf Board.

The Buggy is made up of three base colours, Dark Bluish Gray, Bright Light Orange and Bright Light Orange. I have always liked the Dark Orange colour and glad to see it put to use here.

Adding a hint of Red to the wheels is also a nice touch and gives it that cool beach buggy vibe. The Kangaroo bar located at the front is simple yet effective.

The Minifigure:

If you owed a Beach Buggy this cool you’d most probably look like this too! He has a typical Surfer grin. His vest has been designed very well and the printing quality is topnotch! The inclusion of vest marks isn’t really needed but of course is very welcome.

Unfortunately there isn’t an alternate face but we do get some back printing, albeit the vest edges continued.

The hair piece has been it so many sets and in this particular colour too so it’s not unique or rare in anyway. It does finish the whole Surfer Dude and  Minifigure off to a tee!

Another great little Polybag build and will fit into any City-scape well.

If you’d like to watch us build these and bigger sets LIVE, then head over to outlr sister project, Buddy BuildsWe build Polybags every Wednesday evening and Sets every Sunday Morning. Come check us out 😎


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