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Greetings Everyone!

This is my first Lego review and I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Josh and I am Polybagsafari on Instagram.

I started my page at the begining of this year to share my love of Lego with other like-minded individuals, and also as a way to document my search for Lego Polybags.

As all of us lego fans know, the Polybags are a fickle thing. You may see the same one sitting around the store all year, while others are popping up in other places. The Lego Polybags can range from pretty lame to the fantastic. This year, Lego has already had some great ones come out and there are more to come. Lets get into it!

For my first review I am going to talk about the Lego City Polybag 30369, “Beach Buggy.”


At the time of me writing this, you can get your hands on this polybag as a Gift With Purchase of $40 or more at

I had actually found this one in abundance at my local Walmart here in Southern California. I’m confident this little set will be easy enough for people to get their hands on.

Bits & Pieces

The set is 45 pieces, it comes with one minifigure and a small build. The Beach Buggy itself is simple in its build and look, this is to be expected with a polybag set. With that said, I think this is a cool little buggy.

Beach Buggy and Surfer

It looks good for a small off-road vehicle.

I think it’s the color combination of the yellow and nougat that sells it as a beach buggy for me. It has that 70’s vibe that i think is cool. However i do think it’s missing some kind of roll-bar or rack on top.

I won’t deny this polybag reminds me of 30228 – “Police ATV,” 30361 – “Fire ATV’ and 30355 – “Jungle ATV.” What can another one hurt? If Lego keeps making them, i’ll keep buying them.

The Minifigure is great, he comes with a cool torso print that also gives off that 70’s vibe. He could have used some kind of “Shorts Print” on the legs. The package art has him surfing with pants on. That was a bit lazy on Lego’s part.

Surfer dude!

Overall, Cool polybag to own. This will work great just dropped right into a city build or beach scene. I hope everyone gets a chance to check this one out.

Thanks for reading, If you would like to keep up with my Polybag Finds, please feel free to follow me on Instagram @polybagsafari.

Until the next time, this is Josh saying Happy Hunting Lego Fans!

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