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I am not the biggest fan of the classic Disney films, I much prefer the more recent films such as Moana and Zootropolis. But when the Snow White Cottage was announced  I really loved the look of it and decided this was a set I had to get!

Before building it I decided to watch the film with my two boys, which they’ve never seen before and I hadn’t seen for probably 30 years. We all loved it and I think we’ll be revisiting other classic Disney films.

The Build

There are 2,208 pieces and the set is split into three builds, the main cottage and then two smaller builds for the wishing well and the glass build. There are 15 bags in total and 12 stickers, which isn’t bad for a set of this size.

The first build isn’t the cottage but the wishing well where Snow White wishes for a better life, this looks charming with flowers and birds around it. The birds look similar to the film when Snow White sings to them.

After the wishing well you move onto the Cottage itself. The interior has some great details with a large table set up with seven plates and seven chairs. There are seven beds on the first floor that built in the same way but have patterned quilts and headboards with each of the dwarves name, unfortunately these are all stickers. The Wooden Organ was a great build and really stands out on the Ground Floor with the colourful organ pipes. The organ uses 5 of the stickers showing decorative animals.

The Cottage does open up so if like me you have fat fingers this does help to access parts of the Ground Floor. The First Floor isn’t an issue as part of the roof can easily be detatched.

There are several printed elements and one of my favourite is the owl printing used for the exterior to great effect and the pie having “Grumpy” written on it just like the movie.

The build can be a little repetitive at times when it comes to the roof as you’re using three types of yellow/orange wedges to create the effect. Once finished it looks fantastic and just like the thatched roof in the movie. The instruction book suggests that you sperate out the pieces to avoid being frustated and uses “Happy” and “Grumpy” to illustrate this.

The outside of the cottage looks great with printed elements for the shutters and are angled slightly which gives it a rustic look. There are various 1 x tiles used for the wooden beams to the outside, which again give it an authentic look.

As the cottage is in the middle of a forest there are various tress dotted around the outside with various build techniques used for each one. Just like the movie a birch tree stands outside the cottage with white seaweed elements (the first time this element has been used in the this colour) is used to make the top branches.  There is a cute bird box at the front. The trees use various shades of green and different elements for the foliage to break things up. The set also makes good use of the new 4×5 leaf element that was introduced this year and has mainly been in Friends sets.

The set finishes off with the Glass Coffin, which is a simple build but looks charming with the trees and flowers around it. There are printed tiles with “Snow White” on them. One of the trees has a medium lavender colour to the 4×5 leaves which stands out compared to the other leaves and is currently exclusive to the set.

The Minifigures

The set comes with all 10 Minifigures that you would want for this set. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (obviously), the Evil Queen in disguise and the Prince.

Snow White and the Prince are the same Minifigures from 2023 Disney Castle and the Evil Queen is the same from Disney 100 Icons set. All three look excellent with Snow White being the best with printed arms, torso and legs and a lovely hair piece so she looks accurate to the films.

The Seven Dwarves are excellent, they all have their own unique Torsos and Faces. The faces look similar to the movie. Currently they are all unique to this set and make use of two new beard elements.

As you’d expect there several animals/birds included but if I was being critical there should be a couple of larger animals like a deer as you see in the movie.

The Price

The price is £189.99, which feels about right for a licensed theme that includes 10 Minifigures with the set (7 of which are exclusive).

The Display

The set looks excellent on display and is packed full of colour and details. The cottage looks really accurate from the movie with the bench outside and the printed pieces used on the window shutters. Although it was a little repetitive the thatched roof really stands out with the colour choice against the rest of the set and in particular the beams.

Thank you for reading my review of the LEGO Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage (43242) set, I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know if you have the set and what you think of is via the comments section below.


LEGO Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' Cottage (43242)



The Build 9
The Minifigures 10
The Display 10
The Cost 9

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