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This month’s (March) LEGO Explorer magazine is all about Insects and comes with yet another fantastic polybag which contains a brick-built Ant!

We’re just six issues into this series and each one has focused on different educational subjects, Space, Robots, Rainforest to name a few. In this new issue we learn about Insects, what they get upto, and how they live.

Let’s jump straight into the Magazine itself and see what it has to offer us.

The first main article explains to us about the many fascinating things these ‘mini engineers’ can do, from Honey Bee’s and their honey making skills to Dung Beetles that eat and store animal dung.

On the ‘Be a Beeter Bug Builder‘ pages you’ll discover hints and tips for building better bugs. You’ll need to think about which elements to implement, the size of the overall build, and ultimately which bug to build!

The double spread shows you a handful of builds, a Spider, Dragonfly and a Cricket to name a few.

There is a page that gives you build ideas which focus around one of the pieces found within the issues polybag.

The Mech Arm element has a multitude of uses and this article gives you even more ideas in how to implement it in the form of Legs, Arms, and Hinges.

In other iterations of LEGO Magazine the centre page is where you’d find a double-sided poster, here we are presented with an educational alternative.

The page is covered in Butterflies, both real and brick-built. With 18,000 species of Butterfly fluttering all over the globe (apart from Antarctica), the Magazine features several of them, teaching us where they originated followed by an interesting detail about them.

Within the centre there is a LEGO Butterfly that looks like it will double up as a small storage case. Have you built any Insects out of LEGO before? Wes love to see them!

I’ve said this many times that it wouldn’t be a LEGO Magazine if some sort of activity or game was included. We have a game and a quiz to get stuck into, helping you to learn more about Insects.

Part Path‘ requires you to get to the finish by following a certain path in a specific order. It helps younger readers to remember which order the parts are in and to find the correct way through the maze.

Within the ‘Critter Quiz‘, you’ll get multiple choice questions based on your knowledge of Insects, ranging from ‘how do Crickets make their chirping noise?‘ to ‘how many flowers does a Bee visit each day?‘.

An Ant is the freebie in this issue and there is a page or two devoted to them filled with usual information.

It also features two brick-built Ants similar to the one we get in the polybag. It just shows what else can be done with LEGO bricks!

Onto the polybag (11943) now and what a delight to get, the ever growing list of 2021 LEGO Polybags is off to a flying start as we have had so many in jist a few months.

As mentioned above you get to build an Ant, and I must say although it’s a very quick build its also enjoyable.

You get seven Mech Arm elements (one spare), a few transparent parts, and the rest are generic bricks and pieces. Granted it’s not a very colourful build but that’s ok, it’s an Ant after all.


The body is constructed first, followed by the head and then the abdomen, each part clips onto the body, allowing the parts either side to tilt up & down.


The final build looks great, incorporating a few different techniques along the way.

Its scale is perfect for Antman (Marvel), if you have him in Minifigure form I suggest digging him out and popping him on top for a ride!


Both the Magazine and Polybag are great as LEGO continue to pump out awesome content and builds/Minifigures.

We highly recommend grabbing these when you see them or better still subscribe to the service and get them direct to your door.

I’d you want a sneak peek at next issue and the polybag freebie please see below:

What do you make this issue or any other LEGO magazine for that matter? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.


LEGO Explorer Magazine Issue 6 Incredible Insects


The final build looks great, incorporating a few different techniques along the way.

The Magazine is another prime example of LEGO continuing to pump out awesome content.

We highly recommend grabbing these when you see them or better still subscribe to the service and get them direct to your door.


The Magazine 8
The Polybag 7.5
Cost 8
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