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The ‘battle packs’ are a staple of the LEGO Star Wars line. Apart from being great value, they are a great option for troop building for any collector working on large dioramas, or just collecting minifigs en masse.

Given the popularity of the Disney+ streaming Star Wars show, a battle pack based on The Mandalorian was always going to be a no-brainer.

This 2020 set features 4 different styled (albeit quite similar) Mandalorian warriors, along with a small speeder bike, and a piece of scenery.

Starting with the biggest draw of the set, which is obviously the minifigures themselves. The 4 included Mandos all feature their own matching colour legs, torso and helmets along with a cape each. You could, of course, mix and match these to your own preference. Especially if buying multiples of this set.

Along with a handheld stud shooter each, the set includes four each of the scanners and visors, you can attach one of these at a time to each of the Mando helmets, giving you more options for how you want to equip your minifigures.

Printing on all 4 of the figures is very well done, lots of details included too, especially on the helmets, they have managed to make each of the 4 characters different enough so they all feel unique. I wish we would have gotten some variation in the weapons though.

The stud shooters are over used and any Star Wars collector will already have a countless amount of them.

There are no face prints on any of the figures, we get the classic (for Star Wars) plain black head pieces instead. Back print is included on all 4 torsos, despite the fact they are usually covered by the capes. A nice extra detail.

The Speeder bike is very nicely done, maybe I wasn’t expecting a lot from it, but I was pleasantly surprised with the finished build. It’s very nicely done and a perfect scale for it’s rider.

A nice use of curved slopes gives the vehicle a very nice finished appearance, given the small piece count. There are dual mounted stud shooters on either side too for added play value.

Lastly, the small piece of scenery is built from a few sloped pieces in grey and brown, there is a clip brick on the back, and a jumper plate to attach one of the stud shooters.

This little defense position is more functional than anything else, the only positive is you may be able to build something a bit more worthwhile if you picked up multiple of these sets.

The biggest selling point of the set though is clearly the Mandolorian minifigures, and these are pretty much as perfect as they can be, making this set a worthy and fantastic addition to any Star Wars collection.

The ‘Mandalorian battle pack’ contains 102 pieces, and retails for around £12.99 from most LEGO retailers.

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