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I finally have this cool little polybag in my collection and couldn’t wait to crack it open.


Here in the UK this particular polybag has always been somewhat hard to get. Either you pay a small fortune or you go without, until I found a seller that specialises in ‘hard-to-find’ polybags and sets. I bagged this for £5, amongst others, I couldn’t let this one go!

The main build:

Polybag contents 

Taken straight out of the movie, the telephone box is used by Captain Marvel herself to ‘phone home’.

Phone box

The build is rather small, it uses a handful of pieces and a rather cool and rare printed tile – A VHS cassette!

VHS cassette

This particular printed tile only comes in two sets, this polybag and the LEGO Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt (75935) Set. I can see why they popped the VHS tape on top of the 1×2 blue jumper, it represents ‘Blockbuster’ without actually having to pay a licence.

Some other elements include a vintage telephone, printed 1×1 keypad tile and a 1×2 printed slope brick.

The Minifigures:

Captain Marvel and Nick Fury

Now to the main reason you purchase this polybag – Minifigures!

You get the very sought-after SDCC 2019 Captain Marvel Minifigure, and Nick Fury.

Lets start with Nick Fury. Somewhat a unique Minifigure as this particular one only appears in two sets, this polybag and LEGO Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack (76127) Set. I actually like this younger, cooler looking Nick Fury. The torso print is great for use in MOCs or creating custom Minifigures.

On to Captain Marvel now and wow, just wow! Like I mentioned above I’ve waited along time for this rendition of her in the original Kree outfit from the start of the movie.

Since news and photos flooded the Internet surrounding last year’s SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) exclusive LEGO set, which could only be acquired in person after waiting inline for hours. It seemed an impossible dream to, one day, own this Minifigure. But fast forward to 2020 and LEGO release her in a Polybag, I think it’s the first time LEGO have done that and I’m very happy they did!

The torso printing is amazing, crisp and clear. Legs are plain dark blue to complete the all-in-one suit.

Alternate faces

Both Minifigures have alternate faces, showing more serious expressions.

You can also see the back printed on the torsos, again really nice detail and it’s always nice to have something on the back.

The finished article


For the price, if found reasonably, this truly is an amazing little polybag!

Two Minifigures, one of which is ‘rare’.

Oh and that VHS cassette tape is a must have. I forsee it being used in many MOCs.

10 out 10 indeed, a highly recommended polybag!

What are your thoughts on this and do you have it yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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