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Here at The Brick Post we love a good custom LEGO Minifigure especially those produced by We’ve reviewed many of their products from RoboCop and Bottom to Stranger Things and Aliens!

We recently received three Minifigures which we can’t wait to share with you. The movie franchise they’re based on is a modern classic and I personally have fond memories of watching them. With a new addition to the lineup in 2020, Bill & Ted have been on some wild, and most excellent, adventures.

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The team at have done an amazing job recreating these fun characters, taken from straight out of movies. Both Bill & Ted look absolutely amazing and feature so much detail, including fully printed torsos and legs. They cone complete with matching Guitars.

The Minifigurs are dressed in clothing from the first movie, with all the patches, rips, jumper around the waist and more, you can also see a section of their band name ‘Wyld Stallyns‘ peaking through Ted’s waistcoat.

The heads are done well and look like their onscreen counterpart, or as much as a custom LEGO head can. The hair pieces are a perfect choice too, really captureingnthe 90s era. 

Chuck in the two guitars and you have Bill & Ted as we remember them from their first outing. The guitars are made by Brickforge and really look the part. As the listing mentions on, the colour of the guitars may vary depending on stock. I received two white ones which is great but would have preferred the red & black ones as pictured.

The third character you can purchase is Death himself, complete with his scythe and boardgames.

This Minifigure it’s a little more basic than the two above but that isn’t a bad thing. The plain black torso and legs/robe is perfect and suits the character down to the ground. He comes with two facial expressions, although I think I’ll stick to the more comedic ‘open mouth‘ face. Also included is a ‘Cluedo‘ custom designed tile, one of the many games they play together in order for Bill & Ted to win and escape Death.

This is one of my favourite characters and I’m so glad I have him in my customs collection.

Overall the team have done it again, another trio of perfectly crafted custom LEGO Minifigures to recreate your favourite scenes with!

We really appreciate your time and support, reading this review tells us you love this type of content and we’ll aim to do more. Don’t forget to use our links, dotted throughout this page, to get yours and a cheeky extra 10% off!

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