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If you’re an avid reader of ours then you’ll know we love, their range of custom printed parts and amazing character choice never disappoints. We recently acquired Dave Grohl and RoboCop from a couple of weeks back and can’t stop looking at them, they’re done to a very high standard.

Last month we did a similar post to showcase the latest releases and what grabs our fancy at We’ll pop links throughout article so you can shop with ease, these links contain a 10% discount that automatically reduces your basket amount. If this fails please use our code TheBrickPost-0921.

Click here for 10% off your order at! use genuine LEGO parts so you know you’re in good hand. Take a look below at what’s on offer.

New Releases:

Barbie & Ken


Look at these adorable fashion dolls, recreated in minifig form! Designed and custom printed onto genuine LEGO parts.

Minifigs available to buy as a pair or on their own.



This custom minifig is inspired by the American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer (whose story has been made into a film, starring Cillian Murphy).

Laser Cut Displays with LEGO Brick:

A brand new product has been released and helps you to display your Customs Minifigs and genuine LEGO Minifigures with ease. These Acrylic Display stands come in two different sizes and a selection of designs. The smaller stands are perfect for single Minifigures whilst the larger ones can fit two Minifigures on.

These back panels are laser-cut acrylic, printed with graphics designed by, and attached to a LEGO brick. If you like, you can even get a personalised message printed onto the brick!

To see the full range simply search for Acrylic Display.

Our Picks:

Only Fools and Horses


Well these are pretty cushty.

From the classic British sitcom Only Fools and Horses, may we present to you three of the key characters in Minifigure form; please welcome mini Rodney, mini Del Boy and mini Uncle Albert.

These are custom printed onto genuine LEGO parts, we particularly like Del’s custom printed flat cap, Rodney’s camo outfit (including custom arms), and the delightfully bushy beard of Uncle Albert.

Bill & Ted


These bodacious buddies have now been re-created as custom Minifigures. How totally excellent!

They include specially printed arms for Bill and a custom sprayed hair piece for Ted, these little dudes are ready to rock.

***Please note that the colours of the guitar may vary, according to stock availability. Guitars are made by Brickforge.***

We hope you enjoyed this run down of what is new from Please let us know if you want more via the comments section below.

Check out some of our other articles that focus on the same subject, we have multiple reviews for other Minifigures we have in our collection.

Click here for 10% off your order at!

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