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LEGO Ideas have officially revealed the 36 submissions that are in the Third 2021 Review stage!

36 may not seem a lot when compared to the last few review stages but the quality of products ideas in this third 2021 review stage is very impressive indeed. As always the submissions needed to hit the 10k supporter mark in order to qaulify for review between September and today.

I must say that this round of entrants seem to be more creative and contain a much more wider variety of builds from fully licensed IPs to original ideas. There are a few that stand out to us such as Hocus Pocus by TheAmbrinator, The Meeting Pointby Lepralego, Gremlins by bulldoozer.

Every submission is awesome and we wish them all the best of luck when it comes to the final results later in the Year. Please see below for the complete list of entires for the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review stage!

Official LEGO Ideas blog post

1. Land Ahoy by Ralf Ranghaal


2. Great Coral Reef by kris_kelvin


3. Hyrule Castle 30th Anniversary by BrickGallery


4. Terrariums by Galaxy333


5. Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Avatar Returns by ky-e


6. Clockwork Solar System by ChrisOrchard & BrentWaller


7. The Dojo by SpaceBrick54


8. Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sister’ Cottage – Updated by TheAmbrinator


9. Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop – 20th Anniversary by DadiTwins


10. Motorized Johnny 5 by RJ BrickBuilds


11. James Webb Space Telesceop (JWST) by tonysmyuncle


12. The LEGO Emergency Box by SzegoBalint16


13. LEGO Rubik’s Cube (Working) by puzzLEGO1


14 Brooklyn Nine Nine: 99th Precinct by BenFankhauser


15. Steampunk Explorers by Castor-Troy & Max Brich


16. Moominhouse ムーミン屋敷 by Bonefoot


17. Castle Outpost by xXgGhostXx


18. Downtown Records by HarrisBricks


19. Orchid by JamesZHAN


20. Soyuz Rocket by The Half Blood Baron


21. LEGO Ghibli by yop1172.


22. Baba Yaga by Artem Biziaev


23. The Meeting Point by Lepralego


24. Pirate Tavern by Revan New


25. The Riverside Scholars by Hanwasyellowfirst


26. Union Pacific “Big Boy” by Lassehfl


27. Magic Bookends by Brick Dangerous


28. Asterix the Gaul by Ganpat the Celt


29. Stargate by CaptainMutant


30. McDonald’s Franchise 1955-1969 by adammark


31. The Three Investigators – The Headquarters by Valkon


32. NASA SR 71 Blackbird by BrickerBeard


33. Gremlins by bulldoozer


34. Sheriff’s Office – Wild West by llucky


35. It’s a Wonderful LEGO Life by twrt0es


36. The Garden and Greenhouse by kris_kelvin


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