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Tour Of The Black Cat, or Tournée du Chat Noir is an iconic design. The illustration, made by Theophile Steinlen in 1896, advertises a (then) famous Parisian club. And even though the Montmartre based establishment has long closed it’s doors, this illustration remains very popular and sold the world over for all kinds of products.

The design by TonyBob5 makes great use of recent curved and rounded parts to create elegant shapes. To be honest, I’m quite impressed how close this LEGO version matches the original.

The Lego model contains approximately 2500 parts and measures 15.75in wide x 20.75in tall x 1.25in deep (or 39.9cm wide x 52.7cm tall x 3.2cm deep) – the same dimensions as 31209 The Amazing Spider-Man. It features hooks for mounting on a wall, so one can display it anywhere in the home. The model is constructed in a relief style, with the varied layers giving the cat lifelike shaping and the letters popping out to grab your attention. The eyes are set back from the face, creating the illusion that they track the viewer from any perspective.

– TonyBob5 

The long whiskers on the cat immediately grab the attention. Looking more closely to the cat’s head, it’s quite clear some awesome techniques were used with parts being connected in several directions. It’s a shame LEGO often changes designs dramatically because this is a design I would love to build instantly. So whether you just love cats, love iconic French design or just want an interesting LEGO build, this Ideas entry has you covered!

We would like to wish TonyBob5 the best of luck in gaining the required 10k support. If you like the look of this idea and would like to give your support, please use the links below. Registration is free to LEGO Ideas and only takes a minute, so head over there now and do your part!

Official LEGO Ideas page:

TonyBob5 on Instagram:

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  1. Thank you for featuring my creation! The rounded parts like the 1×1 tile half-circle and quarter circle and 1×1 plate with rounded corners were critical to achieving the correct shaping. The complex constriction with studs facing all ways was achieved with a lot of bricks with studs on the side and brackets, particularly parts 41682 and 73825.

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