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The BaM (build a minifigure) station is fast becoming the place to grab new and exciting LEGO characters and on quite a regular basis too!

The last lot that were available featured a new ragtag crew of Cowboys & Cowgirls, and strangely an updated version of Captain Red Beard (Pirate). Before them we were graced with a new Knight torso, Wizard, and Queen, which makes for a great addition to the recently released LEGO Lion Knights Castle (10305).

A massive thank you is in order to our good friend @brickmcbricksworth, who recently picked up and took photos of the new Halloween characters that have started hitting stores. They feature a Potions Witch, Day of the Dead style/Corpse Bride, and a Bat-Boy Vigilante.

As you can see from the image above you get some fun Minifigures and cool accessories, which include Lavender coloured Wings, Witches torso and matching skirt and the Day of the Dead style head piece.

The Bat-Boy Minifigure, as we call him, makes good use of the masked head piece which also has an alternate face.

The Day of the Dead style female Minifigure features a female version of the Mariachi torso that we got at the start of the year. A perfect combo I must say!

The printing of her head piece is fantastic and really suits the Minifigure well. Of you’re a LEGO Harry Potter fan you’ll notice the hair piece, yep that’s right, it’s taken from Bellatrix Lestrange, which is somewhat rare amongst collectors.

The Witch Minifigure comes complete with a plain black hat and red/ginger hair, a spooky torso & skirt combo and a purple potion bottle. I particularly like the almost shiny silver detailing on the Spider’s Web on both the torso & skirt, combined with the purple and black it really is a cool but scary looking Witch

If you like the look of these characters they’re available now at most Certified LEGO Stores, although I would recommend phoning ahead to confirm before heading in and even getting a pack put by for you to avoid disappointment.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these new Minifigures and whether you collect them or not, we love hearing from you.

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