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LEGO has removed the ‘Owners Pack‘ (GWP) for the upcoming LEGO Porsche 911 (10295) set in the North America regoin.


Due to shipping reasons LEGO unfortunately can’t fulfil their promise of supplying the advertised GWP, in the form of an ‘Owners Pack‘, to their VIPs located in North America.

VIPs can however still purchase the set via official stores and online but won’t receive the GWP. This will surely effect the sales of the new LEGO Porsche 911 considerably as most fans are after the complete package.

There is no news of this situation effecting other regions, which is somewhat a relief. It is most likely down the the current Pandemic and the logistics of getting the packs there.

Let’s us know if this will effect you and how you feel about this news. If you’re a completist you may want to contact family or friends here in the UK to secure you one of these awesome ‘Owners Packs’! 

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  1. Oh come on, man. That was a one in a lifetime opportunity for a Porsche fan to have an amazing package not only the car. I hope they somehow make it available on the coming months to North America! Sad news.

    1. If it truly is related to shipping issues then the allocated stock should still be in place and fingers crossed you’ll be able to pick one up afterwards. It’s another thing if LEGO honour a previous purchase or not if you decide to buy on release 🤔

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