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Jurassic Park is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year and to celebrate LEGO have brought back the theme and in a BIG way!

There will be a total of five sets all of which are based on scenes from the original movie, released back into 1993. Fans will instantly recognise the brick-built scenes, characters, vehicles and Dinosaurs and be transported back to their childhood. Included are some awesome looking Dinosaur figures, from Dilophosaurus and Velociraptor to bigger creatures such as T-Rex and Brachiosaurus.

I’m most excited for the vehicles though, for the first time ever we will be getting not one, but two Jurassic Park Jeeps, modelled on the now classic Jeep Wrangler.

These sets will be hitting Certified LEGO Stores and 1st June. 

Velociraptor Escape (76957):

137 pieces / 37.99€ / 1st June

Dilophosaurus Ambush (76958):

211 pieces / 26.99€ / 1st June

Triceratops Research (76959):

281 pieces / 52.99€ / 1st June

Brachiosaurus Discovery (76960):

512 pieces / 84.99€ / 1st June

Visitor Centre: T-Rex & Velociraptor Attack (76961):

693 pieces / 119.99€ / 1st June

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  1. I want so much that there are for the next Lego Jurassic World sets :
    -a remake Tyrannosaurus Rex figure with the tip of his upper jaw a little wider and rounded, the top of his head just above his eyes less extended, and the metatarsals less chunky;
    -a remake Velociraptor figure directly based on the new Lego Atrociraptor figure with just the modified muzzle;
    -a JP3 male Velociraptor figure based directly on the new Lego Atrociraptor figure with just the modified muzzle, thorns or proto-feathers behind the head, and the ridges near the eyes;
    -Tarbosaurus from Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Hidden Adventure with especially the tip of its upper jaw a bit wider and rounded;
    -Mount Sibo volcano (measuring 50 centimeters wide).

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