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The latest trend at LEGO is to bring back older themes, following the recent reveal of new Jurassic Park sets, another line is making a come back thanks to a movie franchise reboot!

We finally have an official first look at LEGO Indiana Jones Sets, thanks to a Dutch online retailer. After a very blurry image leaked a week or so ago we now have higher-res ones to look at and take in all the Indiana Jones awesomeness.

Three new sets expected to drop 1st April, each one takes inspiration form past Indiana Jones Sets and movie scenes, these include two playset-style builds and a diorama set, similar to the recent Star Wars and Jurassic Park dioramas.

The release date is somewhat confusing as the above retailer have listed them at coming 1st June whilst some lucky fans have picked them up in the US already suggesting an earlier date of 1st April.

Take a look at the set images below and let us know what you think. Will you be collecting theses? Comment below.

Fighter Plane Chase (77012):

Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013):

Temple of the Golden Idol (77015):

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