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The world of LEGO Harry Potter is relatively new to me, having watched the movies and visited the Studio Tour in London, I wasn’t at all interested in grabbing at LEGO sets. That is until my better half got into it all and now absolutely loves it!

It started off with a few smaller sets, then the Buildable Harry & Hermione figures, and then the Burrow. I must admit that they’re great builds often filled with cool techniques and unique parts. We have yet to take the plunge and get Diagon Alley, maybe one day?

We have also started to play the incredible new Hogwarts Legacy gamethe graphics are sensational and so is the gameplay mechanic. However this has opened yet more doors into the world of LEGO Harry Potter as now we need to collect roomsets and start making Hogwarts itself, well something a lot smaller that vaguely resembles it. Having popped into our local LEGO store (Southampton) we decided to buy Room Of Requirement (76413). Here is how we got on and our review:

The Box & Contents:

The boxes have always been eye-catching, with the darker blue background depicting a night’s sky. The mostly tan set stands out especially with some areas being lit-up, although the set itself doesn’t include a light brick sadly.

Inside the box you’ll find a ‘no frills‘ instruction manual, a sticker sheet and 4 numbered bags. There are a total of 18 stickers which does sound a lot but being spaced throughout the set doesn’t feel like they have over done them, plus they add some much needed detail to the walls and doors.

The Build:

Not having built a set like this before I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The modular style did throw me a little and taking photos as I went didn’t really make sense.

Starting with the roof, yes that’s right with this particular set the roof and spires are made slfirstzin bag 1. The plates used for the base are 8×8 grilles, not their official name but one that I think best describes them. Placing small room details inside the spires such as an old scroll and a sink & tap.

Bag 2 makes a start on the main part of the Room of Requirement, putting together the base and adding walls and doors. With a few different brick combinations the walls are made up of tan, dark nougat and light grey, giving it that Hogwarts weathered look & feel.

Chuck in a couple of arches and slopes to create little knooks & crevises and hey-presto, a decent look wall. The main doors are basic but do their part in the overall build, here is where we add the first lot of stickers. These are a little tricky to place as there aren’t really any guiding sides, they need to be centred and nearer the door-handle, oh and on both sides!

The small display cases that house a gold cup and a transparent orange chalice look great despite their basic appearance. That’s one thing LEGO often get right, the details, they count after all and make set what it is.

Bag 3 adds to the main room, building upwards and continuing the Hogwarts architecture. The main window is done extremely well and the end result looks stunning, especially when viewed from the inside. Stickers applied on the 1×4 quarter circle tiles also adds to the look of a very traditional Castle, being spaced forward by one stud is subtle but gives the sense of layers, which what take this particular set to a higher level. Chuck in the random stone work and colours and you have both a decent interior & exterior.

Bag 4 completes the build and adds to it the firey snake-like creature that tears through the Room in the last film. The Snake itself is rather basic and when finished I let out a comic laugh and muttered to myself “what is this“. It does however look a whole lot better dissected and placed in certain spots around the Room.

Topping the spires off with matching snad green parts is truly the icing on the cake, it wouldn’t be Hogwarts otherwise. Extra side-builds are also pieced together in the last stage, making a couple of box stacks and a Knight’s bust.

The boxes with the chair balanced on top is taken directly from the movie and is where they find the diadem. I really like how the chair is made and see it becoming the norm in future sets.

The Minifigures:

There are a total of 5 Minifigures included in the set which is quite reasonable for the £44.99 price tag.

We have Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, and The Grey Lady. Each in their outfits from the movie.

Harry and Hermione have cool looking torso designs & prints, both wearing hoodie underneath a jacket. These could be used in MOCs and giving your own Sigfig character a different look. Their legs are plain grey and blue which is a shame, even just basic pocket or crease prints would have been nice.

Draco and Blaise also look smart, especially Draco in his Slytherin style suit. Again both have great torso and plain coloured legs. It’s great to get new characters in LEGO form and Blaise Zabini is one of them, it gives fans and collectors someone new to add to the steadily growing collection of LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures.

Last on the list is The Grey Lady, her Minifigure torso and skirt/legs are completely covered in matching prints on grey elements, unfortunately the arms are plain. She has an alternate fave, as do most of the others.

Overall the set is a great addition to the LEGO Harry Potter line and one that can be attached to others to create something bigger.

I will say that there isn’t really anything ‘special’ about it, it’s just another room set basically. It does have a nice aesthetic about it and great for taking photos of close-up. We recently used it for a #SigfigScene over on Instagram.

Included in this set is a small transparent blue Pixie, which you could argue as a reason to pickup this set, although a very small one. Its about the size of a Baby Minifigure or Baby Groot for a better indication of size.

All Minifigures are nice but again nothing really exclusive or sought-after. Playability is good though and younger fans especially will enjoy creating stories with it. Please see below for our rating

Thank you for reading our review, we really appreciate your time and support. Feel free to bookmark us for all your LEGO news and reviews.


LEGO Harry Potter Room Of Requirement (76413)



The Box 8.8
The Build 6.7
The Minifigures 8.4
The Cost (£44.99) 9.3
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