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LEGO has announced that the LEGO Foundation will be donating $150 million (USD) to help support children and communities Worldwide due to the impact of COVID-19.

LEGO has released a short statement (below) which says that $80 million will be going towards partners of the LEGO Foundation to accelerate COVID-19 recovery, whilst $70 million goes to UNICEF to boost support and access to health supplies and vaccines.

Well done LEGO, you are an amazing company that goes above & beyond!

Official statement:

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way children access education, the way their families earn an income to cover their needs, and how safe they feel in their homes, communities and countries. This is a child rights crisis.

In response to this, the LEGO Foundation is donating US $150 million to support children and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across the world.

US $80 million will enable the Foundation’s many partners working with children to accelerate ongoing COVID-19 recovery, US $70 million will go towards UNICEF to support access to vaccines and health supplies for parents, teachers and caregivers in the vulnerable communities around the world.

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