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Something a little bit different for this week’s LEGO Ideas feature as we take a look at not just one product idea but a whole portfolio.

To kick us off we’ll take a look at the extensive collection of submissions by a good friend of ours, CabbageFaceBricks (CFLego)!

Aaron, CabbageFaceBricks, has a knack for and other digital modelling software and has produced some outstanding and diverse creations, such as a vintage telephone, castle themed pencil pot, and a herb garden. He has also gone into licenced themes with Everybody Loves Raymond and Wayne’s World.

Checkout all of his creation ls below along with the all important product idea link, so you can easily find and support the ones you like.


Product idea link

The Humble Telephone, long before Mobile Telephones existed these, i know right!

Based on a classic black telephone. I built this to sit along side other display pieces, Typewriter, Ship in Bottle, Globe and I always remember my parents having a similar telephone at home, also LEGO love to put these in sets like the Modular Police Station!

I think it would make a great display piece, and remind people of where modern day telephones came from. I really hope you like this simple but effective model.

Dragon Castle – Pencil Pot

Product idea link

Dare ye enter your stationary? Introducing the thing every desk needs, a stationary tidy based on a classic castle theme.

This small set, is wonderfully designed to hold your pencils, pens, rulers, and you name it, be the envy of your friends and colleagues.

I created this set as an excuse for adults, children and everyone to have an excuse to take LEGO to work, school, college or wherever you need it. Functional and fashionable.

The set includes –
2 Minifigures – Wizard and Travelling salesman
1 Dragon
1 Skelton warrior
1 Castle for your pens

Wembley Stadium (1922)

Product idea link

The “home” of football. Will it ever come home again? The original Wembley Stadium (also known as the Empire Stadium) built in 1922 and finished for the first FA Cup in 1923. Pele called it “the cathedral of football, the capital of football and the heart of football, the beautiful game” and who are we to argue with Pele?

I’ve created this set to sit alongside Old Trafford and Camp Nou, because, I feel, the two towers of Wembley are the most iconic thing in football. Using 2900 Pieces! WOW!

But let’s not forget, with this unique feature you can swap the stadium from football, into it’s other most famous event, LIVE AID! So even if you don’t like football, you might love music, so display it as one of the most iconic live concerts ever!

Wayne’s World – AMC Pacer

Product idea link

Party On! That’s what she said. Based on the iconic film and the iconic car, I just had to make this set. In 1992 the film was born, and in 1993 Wayne’s World 2 came along. Classic films with classic scenes. It was the 10th Highest grossing film in 1992. Written by Mr Myers, an international superstar.

I think this would make a great display piece to go alongside other classic cars LEGO have made. If you think so, please support below and help it on its journey.

LEGO Herb Garden

Product idea link

The LEGO herb garden
Are you a fan of LEGO, are you a fan of growing fresh herbs in your house? Well this idea merges those two together, just feel the spaces with some soil, pop in some seeds and gently water and in no time your own LEGO Herb Garden will be flourishing!
Built from 431 Parts this set is aimed at AFOL’s, TFOL’s and Kids alike.

I thought this set would be a great way to introduce people into gardening and growing their own herbs.
I built this set as i have a herb garden, and it’s plain and boring so thought this would be a better alternative, who knows, maybe LEGO could use their new recycled bricks 😉

This would be a great set getting everyone into LEGO and Gardening!

Everybody Loves Raymond

Product idea link

On September 13th 1996 Everybody Loves Raymond was first aired, created by Phil Rosential, and aired until May 16th 2005.

This LEGO Ideas project celebrates the life of Raymond, the italian-american sportwriter.

It also includes 5 minifigures including the sarcastic and never serious, Raymond Barone, his giant policeman of a brother Robert Barone, Mother Marie Barone, the ever loving and supportive Frank Baroneand his detoting wife DebraBarone

Can we prove Everybody does love Raymond by helping this set hit 10k!

If any of the above product ideas take your fancy please click on the relevant link and hit the ‘Support‘ button. Why not also checkout the creators LEGO Ideas account and give them a follow! 

CFLEGO (CabbageFaceBricks)

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  1. Amazing portfolio with some very creative designs. These all deserve much more support.

    Great article too

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