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The latest issue (50) of the LEGO City Magazine is out and available at all good newsagents and retailers.

As always the magazine features a ton of activities, puzzles, and a pretty decent comic story, but the main draw for these LEGO publications are the freebies, in this case it’s the worker Minifigure ‘Phil Corky‘ and his Loader Truck.

Phil Corky and his Loader Truck are quite a cool little freebie to get in a Magazine that costs just over £4, although the piece count is only 26 the build looks aesthetically pleasing and would fit into most people’s collections and Cityscape really well!

The Minifigure parts are pretty good too with the torso and head being the main take away bits from the build. The orange legs aren’t too bad either, especially if you’re into Monochrome Minifigures.

Take a look below at some of the activities and puzzles you’ll find inside issue 50 of LEGO City Magazine!

I picked my copy up from WHSmith here in the UK, but they’re also available in most Supermarkets and Newsagents, you can also subscribe to the service here or here.


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