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I’m Mark, from Brick Beat, I share my adventures in the World of LEGO via Instagram, building new sets, live streaming, and posting my favourite Minifigure every Monday using #MinifigureMonday. Please feel free to follow me and join me on this exciting journey.

This week’s Minifigure Monday is Dustin Henderson (ST005)!

I get asked this a lot “what is your favourite minifigure you own?”, which is always a hard one to answer as there’s so many amazing minifigs out there!

But one which is at the top of my favourite list has got to be this one, Dustin Henderson!

With the release of Stranger Things Season 4 I thought it was the perfect choice for this weeks minifigure Monday.

My thoughts:

I think the designers have captured Dustin in minifigure form perfectly!

His prominent lips and toothless smile is a perfect resemblance to the character itself from the show.

He has an alternative facial expression but I’m sure you’ll agree this grin is the best one.

Along with his distinctive smile, it has Dustin’s long curly hair and baseball cap… which is actually 1 moulded piece.

He has some amazing printing to his torso with fine details to his shirt and denim jacket.

This one also has the smaller, bendable legs to keep the proportions to a child.

For accessories he carries a walkie talkie and a compass printed on a 1×2 transparent tile which I believe was a new piece in this set.

Dustin is my favourite character in Stranger Things and is one of my favourite (if not THE favourite) minifigure I own.

Minifigure information:

  • Name: Dustin Henderson
  • Number: ST005
  • Released: 2019
  • Sets: The Upside Down (75810)
  • Parts: 4
  • Accessories: 2 (Compass and Walkie-Talkie)
  • Current Value: New: £9.30 / Used: £8.25

All information from BrickSet is correct at date of review. 


Dustin Henderson (ST005)


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I’m Mark (Brick Beat), I share my adventures in the World of LEGO via Instagram, building new sets, live streaming, and posting my favourite Minifigure every Monday using #MinifigureMonday.

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