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I’m Mark, from Brick Beat, I share my adventures in the World of LEGO via Instagram, building new sets, live streaming, and posting my favourite Minifigure every Monday using #MinifigureMonday. Please feel free to follow me and join me on this exciting journey.

This week’s Minifigure Monday is Demogorgon (ST008)! 

For this weeks Minifigure Monday comes with no real surprise.

Being a big Stranger Things fan and the wait being over for the finale of season 4, I just had to choose another one of my Stranger Things minifigures… The Demogorgon.

My thoughts:

I think Lego have done a great job with this minifigure. The printing and shape to the head piece is superb! Resembling when the Demogorgon is in ‘attack’ mode opening its plant like petals and displaying its teeth.

What is cool is if you remove this piece it reveals a normal minifigure head showing how the Demogorgon would look normally.

The printing detail continues down the torso and legs. They have used a different leg piece to help make this one look much more creature like.

Carrying the wolverine style claws finishes this minifigure off perfectly. The Demogorgon really isn’t someone you would want to cross paths with.

Although this minifigure is from a discontinued set, a version (minus the claws) is currently available as a keyring/keychain for only £4.99… but if you see one, make sure you buy one quickly as since it’s release they have been out of stock!

Minifigure information:

  • Name: Demogorgon
  • Number: ST008
  • Released: 2019
  • Sets: 1, The Upside Down 75810
  • Parts: 6
  • Accessories: 0
  • Current Value: New: £22.13 / Used: £19.24

All information from BRICKSET.COM at date of review)


Demogorgon (SH008)


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I’m Mark (Brick Beat), I share my adventures in the World of LEGO via Instagram, building new sets, live streaming, and posting my favourite Minifigure every Monday using #MinifigureMonday.

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