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Today’s Rebrickable feature is a modular building that would suit any LEGO City setup, it has great architecture and an eye-pleasing colour scheme.

Its creator, BrickStudioArchitect, has designed something that most LEGO fans have wanted since the dawn of modular buildings. Being an avid Vinyl collector myself in my sparetime, I find this build to be very appealing and one I may just have to attempt. Using mostly masonry bricks, the main record store building looks great, both in colour and architecture. With two supporting pillars/walls each side that protrude slightly more than the building itself, makes for a nice effect, it may seem simple but it’s often the detail that makes or breaks a set for me. Flat walls and corners usually give it a ‘basic’, uninspiring, look to the overall building.

This custom modular building features Back Spin Records & Music and Ink Tattoos.

The instructions cost a respectable $8 and from the previews look straightforward and easy to follow, starting off exactly how official LEGO modulars do, tiled floors and building up the walls and floors as you go. Comprising of 3,469 pieces it’s also the same sort of size as official sets, which is great and keeps it a standard size and weight. Following LEGO guidelines in terms of pavement and general structure, BrickStudioArchitect has done a superb job and has a real talent for modulars.

Sadly there aren’t many images to go by but I bet it looks amazing between other modular sets, I personally think it would look amazing next to the both the Police Station and Jazz Club.

From another preview page of the instructions, you get a glimpse of what’s inside the Record Store side of the build. Filled with printed tiles to represent record sleeves, which look like ones from the LEGO Vidiyo theme, these look bright and colourful and give a welcomed variation in design.

I have always wanted to build a Record Store MOC myself but now I won’t have to as BrickStudioArchitect has done it already and to a very high standard, thank you!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s feature as much as we did, it’s a great build and as mentioned before would slot into a City scene effortlessly. Find this build and others by BrickStudioArchitect on Rebrickable.

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