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This weeks LEGO Ideas feature is from Martin, a.k.a LEGO Fan UK, himself!

“I have made it modular so it can be easily added to your own city”

This is Martin’s very first LEGO Ideas submission and it’s a full on modular building, this is right up my street being a big fan of LEGO Modulars myself.

VR Arcade Modular

The very first modular LEGO released was back in 2007 and it was called Café Corner, there have been many more since then and I would like to see Martin’s VR Arcade be added to the list of LEGO City buildings.

What draws me to this idea is the fun of the Arcade and reminiscing the good times had when I was younger, be it with friends or family. Arcades are great for just blocking out the real world and playing video games and eating fast food!

Martin has captured the essence fully here and added a modern day twist, VR (virtual reality). The black and glass fronted design is well done and looks great, with the added VR controller logo on the front and the rocket ride and punch-bag outside add the finishing touches to the exterior. Inside is where the magic happens and the whole place comes alive.

As you walk through the double doors you can see some classic arcade games, air hockey, motorbike racer, dancing game and a football table!

Head on up to the first floor and you’ll find the fast food joint, every good arcade has one. Grab a bite to eat before heading up to the top floor where the main event happens, the VR room!

With dark decor it’s perfect to immerse yourself fully into your game of choice, I wonder what they’re playing at the moment?!

The roof also looks great, I particularly like the two long angled ceiling windows and the inclusion of some Gulls.

Overall an awesome idea and build, it definitely deserves more supports so click the link below and show some love.

good luck Martin!

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