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I’m in full LEGO Cityscape mode now that I have made a start on my very own City. I’ve been keeping an eye open for sets that would slot straight into the line up of official Modulars that LEGO have produced, so when perusing the LEGO Ideas website I stumbled across this beauty by Bricky_Brick, their stunning Music and Jewellery submission!

As a whole, the set looks amazing and features unique angles not yet explored in past Modulars. It is in the same vein as Assembly Square as it sits on 1 and a half baseplates and has a small fountain. What sets it apart from others is the small pathway at the back which allows access to the Jewellery shop, passing through a small tunnelled walkway, I love this feature.

“Music and Jewels” is my proposal of this new modular building concept with three-stories of which the ground floor is dedicated to businesses such as the music store or the jewelry store.

This busy shopping area is home to a Music shop and Jewellery store, both situated on the ground floor. The architecture of both looks amazing and the details really matter here as the Music shops entrance look old and dated, it’s been around for awhile it seems. The Jewellery store around D the other side is just a stunning and gives me subtle ‘Wild West‘ style vibes, with the chunky wood surround and gold sign writing.

On the first floor you’ll find a fully furnished apartment, with a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Parts of the wall can be unfolded to allow better access to the interior, which is a very nice feature. The colour scheme for the entire set is nice too, comprising mostly of beige, medium nougat and soft greens, making for an eye pleasing collection of buildings.  

The bedroom/studio apartment looks smart and features a comfy looking bed, kitchen area and more, perfect for one or two of the Cities residents. Being above a Music store though might have its downsides what with budding musicians trying out instruments!

Heading inside the Music and Jewellery stores you’ll see they are fully stocked and have a very good mix of products on offer to the local Minifigures that shop there. The Music shop looks small and pokey, which isn’t a bad thing, shops of those eras were that size and crammed full of weird but wonderful items.

The Jewellery store is more modern and open with plenty of room to walk around and shop. Filled with unique and valuable items, the store has many traditional glass counters and cabinets to store them. The owner is ready and waiting to make a sale along with her doggie friend.

Upstairs again, in the attic, you’ll find something very interesting and a theme I’ve not seen done before, a fully blown AFOL room. I love that the Creator added this into the set, it’s nice when us LEGO fans get a shout out and a brick-built space that represents us, I’ve seen many LEGO collections and rooms in attics, so it is perfect. It even has a LEGO City too, small but never-the-less a City to look at and expand upon. I like how in one of the below photos the owner is showing a friend there creation, it’s what we do when someone shows interest in our hobby, we can wait to show it off to others.

The set idea in short is incredible, the angles, colours, shop choices and interiors are perfect, I want this in my City, now!

We would like to wish Bricky_Brick the best of luck in gaining the required 10k support. If you like the look of this idea and would like to give your support, please use the links below. Registration is free to LEGO Ideas and only takes a minute, so head over there now and do your part!

Official LEGO Ideas page:


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