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Yes that’s right, our LEGO Ideas Feature is back, after a short break from writing these particular articles and focusing on other sides of The Brick Post and LEGO life we’re back!

What better way to bring back the weekly feature series than with a homegrown, classic, British TV hit from Yesteryear, Mr. Bean.

This incredible product idea was masterfully recreated by deo10_01, who is a 17 year old fan builder of LEGO, and wow does he produce some outstanding ideas. Such as Disney’s UP, Lord of the Rings, Shrek, Everybody Loves Raymond, and more, click his profile link above to check them out.

Mr Bean is a great choice and perfect for LEGO Ideas as Rowan Atkinson’s now iconic character is known Worldwide and is usually on TV daily or found on almost every streaming service, there’s even a Cartoon version of it. I am truly surprised LEGO hasn’t picked up on this already and produced a set themselves!

The creator of this product idea has gone for the now popular style of TV studio first seen with LEGO Ideas FRIENDS Central Perk and later LEGO FRIENDS Apartments, and continuing with the upcoming LEGO Ideas Seinfeld set.

Filled with episode references, easter eggs, and well known room sets, from the very first episode in 1990 to the last in 1995. It unfortunately only ran for 2 seasons, each containing 6 episodes, but that doesn’t mean a lack of references to pull from, there are tons which come from Mr Bean’s adventures.

Included in the product ideas is Mr Bean’s flat, situated on Arbor Road in London, it features his living, dining, and bedroom all in one. There is a kitchen tagged onto the right side which again many a famous scene was set, most notably when he prepares/cooks the Christmas Dinner!

His Teddy proudly sits on his bed, waiting to be tucked in at night. Teddy is in-his self a key character and in many cases the centre of many scenes and storyline, especially in the Cartoon series.


My main motivation to create an idea based on Mr. Bean is that we are celebrating his 30th anniversary.

Deo10_01 has stated that the main motivation behind this idea was that the TV show was celebrating its 30th anniversary, sadly this has now passed as it was last year (2020). LEGO have again missed out on a great opportunity to produce an idea in time and to coincide with an anniversary

I hope this hasn’t hindered the support for this idea in anyway as it is truly superb and one I’d purchase on day one, as having grown-up watching Mr Bean and his silly antics I do have a fondness for it, and who wouldn’t want his brick-built Mini?!

There are seven Minifigures included in this product idea and five of them are Mr Bean!

I personally think this is a fantastic idea and to include the character in different costumes is genius. We also get his friend/girlfriend Irma Gobb, which is a nice surprise also.

Another thoughtful addition to the set is a small brick-built plinth for Mr Bean to stand proudly on. Made up of just a handful of parts and a snazzy circular element, the stand looks basic but it works and matches the original series well!

Overall the LEGO Ideas Mr Bean product idea is stunning and deserves your support, so please click the links below and do your part!

Please check out and follow the creators Instagram account:

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  1. I love that idea I think is really cool I love Mr bean

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