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When it comes to LEGO vehicles, especially cars, I’ve somewhat taken a backseat and steered clear of the newer eight stud wide LEGO Speed Champions sets, it’s not because I don’t like them, it’s more to do with collecting the previous waves that are six studs wide. I know, I know, I should at least give them a go, and after finding this week’s LEGO Ideas Feature I will definitely be getting some in hopes this one, and the creators other product ideas, get made!

We’ve never featured HenkvdL05 before and I’m excited to take a look and share his amazing new product idea – The A-Team Van and Crew!

Here at The Brick Post we love every 80s, films and TV Shows from that era are hands-down the greatest things ever made, OK maybe a slight exaggeration, but there have been some iconic vehicles that are still remembered today. Such as The Delorean, Ecto-1, K.I.T.T, and of course the A-Team Van, to name a few!

The A-Team Van HenkvdL05 has created looks absolutely stunning, and takes you right back to a classic episode of the show. The shape, front grille, back and sliding doors, even the interior is spot on, this has clearly been made by a fan of the show.

I initially decided to delay submitting this project for a couple of months. My son reminded me, that it is too good not to share…

Consisting of only 470 pieces the creator has done really well, taking into account the interior, exterior, and overall smooth look of the vehicle itself.

It’s also quite a respectable size, coming in at 8cm wide, 17.7cm long and 9.5cm high. Again fitting in with the current lineup of the 8 stud wide Speed Champions sets, perfect for inserting straight into your City! 

What’s surprising is the creator has managed to include seating for all four Minifigures and still have space for interior details,  lsuch as storage and tools.

The four main characters are included in Minifigure form and look absolutely stunning. Of course we’ve had B. A. Baracus before in A LEGO Dimensions set, but to be in with a chance of getting the other three, Murdock, Hannibal and Faceman, means finally completing the collection – It’s so exciting.

Each one looks to be designed from scratch and shows just how much detail can fit on a torso. From the many gold chains and all white suit, to the helicopter jacket and cargo top, these Minifigures would make an awesome addition to any and everyone’s collection!

Overall the LEGO Ideas The A-Team Van and Crew product idea is stunning and deserves your support, so please click the links below and do your part!

Please check out and follow the creators Twitter account:

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