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When choosing an Ideas submission to feature I look for certain criteria, one of the main points is that it has to be pleasing to look at. With the recent reveal of the LEGO Ninjago Stone Dragon Shrine, I knew I have to choose this one by Nannan, Crescent Moon Rock Sculpture!

This creation was inspired by a moon garden rock sculptureby Mugen Woong. I was captivated by the beautiful moon-shaped rock and the harmonious blend of nature and architecture – Nannan

There’s nothing more I like than a decent shelf sitter, that’s in no way a bad term, in fact it means once you’ve enjoyed the build you can pop it on display and admire it daily. This idea embodies everything I like about a set, it’s not only looks stunning but it can be a centrepiece or talking point in any room.

Looking at the images closer you can see that there are a ton of great techniques and parts usage, from the many different slopes and angles used to create the rock itself but also the very small stairs, made by turning the ridged 1×2 bricks on their side, genius.

Even the small buildings look how they should but scaled down, A lot. The tree really finishes off the set although the scale seems a little off at first you have to rember that this is in fact a sculpture and therefore the rock and buildings are smaller.

This is all sat on a beautifully deosng base, fille with 1×1 studs to represent water or some sort of flower bedding. The vase/plate it stands in looks in keeping with the overall design and makes for a nice touch in enabling it all to stand freely.

We would like to wish Nannan the best of luck in gaining the required support. If you like the look of this idea and would like to show your support, please use the links below. Registration is free to LEGO Ideas and only takes a minute, so head over there now and do your part!

Official LEGO Ideas page:

LEGO Ideas profile:


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  1. Thank you for the feature!

    1. Lovely idea and build, good luck with support!

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