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When it comes to choosing an idea to feature here on The Brick Post, we look for certain things within the build that personally interests us. From unique and quirky ideas and ones that take something to the next level.

This week’s LEGO Ideas Feature just all the above and looks great doing it. Introducing LEt.sGO and their amazing The Architect’s House project!

This is definitely something I would purchase in a heartbeat if/when LEGO release it. First off it looks absolutely stunning, with unique angles and jutting out parts here and there, it certainly isn’t your conventional building layout and suits the Architect’s House title down to the ground.

What drew my originally to this product idea is the style of the display plate it is on, forget about your 32×32, or even 48×49, baseplates, this has been set beautifully on a plate-built base that has different levels and overlapping laters to create LEGO-realistic terrain. It even comes complete with a small water feature and pond down one side of the House.

Nestled in a coniferous forest within a rocky valley, this house offers comfort and modernity to its occupants in the heart of a peaceful natural environment… – LEt.sGO

As the creator elegantly put, the House is set within a Forest in a Valley, which is evident as there are multiple trees surrounding the building. The a trees themselves are designed and built really well and suit the overall idea well. I must say building Trees is personally one of my MOCing nightmares, I just can’t get them right, LEt.sGO is a natural and got them spot on!

It isn’t just the outside of the House that looks great, there is also an interior too, filled with all the rooms and furniture you’d expect to see in modern House.

Think of it similar to a Dolls House, where the back is open and you can easily access every room, this product idea just keeps getting better and better, offering so much.

Taking a close look at some of the rooms inside the Architect’s House, you’ll find:

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Entrance hall
  • Bathroom with bathtub
  • Living room with two sofas
  • Bedroom with access to the main terrace
  • Hallway
  • Annex terrace

The idea even comes complete with a garage and Car, something we rarely see in a LEGO set, a fully fledged garage. The sliding door opens up and allows the Car to drive out and onto the driveway, I absolutely love this play feature as it adds a touch of realism to it that again LEGO hardly does themselves.

This would make an awesome addition to the LEGO Ideas family as a standalone set and not look at all out of place sat next to other LEGO Modular buildings. LEGO, make it so!

For a better look and more details please head over to the official LEGO Ideas page, also give it your support by clicking that all important button, this needs to be made.

Official LEGO Ideas page:


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