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This weekend it’s time for the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend. AFOLs from many places gather in Denmark to meet up and show their work. But for newer AFOL’s: what makes this such a special event?

Let’s start with the history. In 2005 LEGO together with a few AFOLs  started a small scale event called the LEGO Fan Weekend. After the first edition the event grew with every edition that followed. But after 10 years LEGO decided not to continue their involvement. From this moment on AFOLs took over the organisation of the event and in 2015 the Skærbæk Fan Weekend was born!

The event always takes place in the last full weekend in September (so if Sunday is October 1st you’re too late as the organisers say). So it’s easy to plan in advance, book accomodation etc. Since many AFOLs travel to Denmark from abroad the event has grown to being a bit more than just the weekend. Many attendees visit LEGOHouse or LEGOLand in the days before or after the event. And most attendees will book accomodation in the same place so the fun continues outside the venue. There’s also a big BBQ being organised on the Saturday night.

The event itself is of course similar to local AFOL events, although with more international attendees there will be no doubt more diversity in builds and of course it’s a lot bigger than any event I have visited so far.

Registration for attending the event started in April this year and was open until June. Once registered as an attendee you have a bit more time to register a MOC you might want to bring. So if this sounds cool and you want to attend in 2024 be sure to check their website in time!

In the video below you can get an impression of the 2022 edition.

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