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Another rumour which is currently circulating is that a new LEGO Disney Castle maybe on the way and in a much smaller scale than the one currently available!

The rumour suggests a micro-scale’ LEGO Disney Castle based on Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyland California is in the works and that we could see it later this Year, 2021. 

The price is also speculated to be around £50 to £60 with a rough piece count of between 500 to 800.

LEGO Magical Cinderella’s Castle MOC by buildbetterbricks

After scouring the Internet for MOCs and similar builds to the rumoured information I came across this fantastic creation by BuildBetterBricks and their LEGO Magical Cinderella’s Castle MOC. The build consists of 427 parts, which is just under the rumoured one above, and measures 6″ wide, 3. 5″ deep, and 7.5″ tall – making it the perfect size for displaying.

Will this be the first of many and spark a whole new trend of micro-scale Castles and Famous buildings or perhaps a sub-theme of the hugely popular LEGO Architect sets? Who knows for sure but it is most definitely exciting times if the rumour comes true!

When more information comes to light we will update this page and keep you informed.

As always please treat this information as pure rumour and speculation until either confirmed or denied. Why not let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Via Wooden Duck)

Header banner image: Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle. 

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