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Recently I reviewed the Thanos Mech set (76141). Today it’s Iron Man’s turn!

The setup is the same, open the box and you’re presented with 3 numbered bags. Unusual for a set of this size.

This set retails at £8.99 and consists of 148 pieces.

The main build:
The first bag consists of the Iron Man Minifigure, which we’ll look closer at later, and the torso of the Mech.

The Arc Reactor on the front is a printed 1×2 cheese wedge, the print is very detailed and has a nice shine to it in the right light.

Bag 2:
The second bag adds the arms and thighs to the already constructed torso.

4 of the 6 stickers supplied are used at this stage. 2 stickers on each shoulder blade.

The arms connect with ball and socket joints, giving great articulation, being able to pose in almost any position possible, great for grabbing bad guys!

Bag 3:
The third bag finishes off the set with the feet and shoulder cannon.

The shoulder cannon can fire out the small 1×1 trans blue tiles included. It holds 3 in the barrel.

When constructing the left foot I came across a mistake in the instruction manual.

Can you see it? The sticker number is wrong, it should be number 3 and not number 1. This is the first mistake I’ve seen in person.

The Minifigure:
The Minifigure itself is superb. Who doesn’t like Iron Man?!

As a Marvel collector myself, I had to get this set, even if only for the Minifigure. And Iron Man figure (and small build) for £8.99, its a must have.

The helmet is done in the latest style, and doesn’t have the lift able face plate sadly, but it looks great none-the-less. In fact it makes a nice change from the norm.

The colours (red & gold) stand out well, and the printing gives off a nice shimmer when in the right light.

This Iron Man Minifigure will be going in my Chamber Room set for sure!

Final thoughts:
Such a great set for its price (£8.99). A super collectable Minifigure that will only grow in popularity over the Years. The Mech is awesome and comes with so much playability. Really enjoyable, if a little short, build.

A few spare parts are left over, a set of 1×1 trans circular tiles which can be used to restock the shoulder cannon.

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