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Each month there are a ton of LEGO magazines out and it’s sometimes hard keeping up with them all. I personally only go for the ones that grab my fancy, which is usually only 2 or 3, this month however I have picked up pretty much all of the current issues!

I’m a Minifigure collector at heart and can never pass up an issue that has one included, unless it’s a duplicate of course, which was the case with the many LEGO Batman Minifigures over the years.

There was a new addition to the LEGO magazine lineup this month in the form of LEGO Technic. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve only built one Technic set over the years and I didn’t enjoy it, I can’t quite put my finger on what I didn’t like about it but I thought it just not for me.

Let’s take a brief look at each issue and the ‘freebie’ included, in this month’s LEGO magazine roundup!

LEGO City:

This theme of magazine is always a hit and one I regularly pickup. The freebie this month is an Construction Worker and a temporary traffic light, which not only builds upon and showcase people and their jobs but are also great to flesh out and expand your own LEGO Cityscape, if you have one.

The Magazine itself is full of puzzles and activities such as mazes, colouring pages and more, the double sided posters are always a treat to see and keep hold of. Checkout the poster gallery below for all these issues’ posters.

LEGO Ninjago:

As I’ve said in many other magazine reviews I rarely pickup any LEGO Ninjago stuff, but every now & again they have some cool looking characters and/or parts.

This issue we get treated to Maaray Guard, that has a Snake-like head, a shiny torso print, and a nice Dragon blade.

I grabbed a copy of this as the Minifigure looked interesting and the uniquely coloured flippers and hands are great to have in the collection. I don’t see much use for the Snake head outside of this theme but I’m sure other, more talented, builders can and will surprise me.

LEGO Explorer:

The LEGO Explorer line is one ofy favourites as they always come with a LEGO polybag and usually a very inventive build. Over the last year we’ve had a mini catapult, sports car, frog, time machine, and now in this issue an Orangutan.

The parts on offer here are also great for MOC builders and part collectors, as the reddish brown pieces and ball & socket elements are very nice indeed.

The build itself it very simple and doesn’t take long to put together. There are some great techniques here that I’ve not encountered before, expanding the building bank with new ways of doing things is always good. It does indeed resemble an Orangutan and I can see this being popped in a Jungle display somewhen.

LEGO Technic:

As I mentioned earlier I don’t do LEGO Technic, it’s not that it isn’t any good as most sets are an amazing feat of LEGO engineering, especially the larger motorised kits.

Being the first ever magazine of this kind I had to pick it up and give it a go, you never know I might enjoy. The polybag is quite a substantial size and contains a lot of Technic parts.

The kits constructs a small Helicopter, that includes a simple mechanism which allows you twiddle a gear underneath that turns both the main and tail blades. Definitely worth getting if you’re a Technic fan for sure.

LEGO Jurassic World:

It’s always nice to get these LEGO Jurassic World magazines without an Owen Grady Minifigure as it seemed we got one with every issue when they first started. The Minifigure character that comes with an ATV is called Sinjin Prescott.


The ATV itself is very simple and doesn’t require many parts, which is fine with me as the real gem here is the Minifigure. Not having him appear in a magazine issue before makes him more sought-after and worth grabbing a copy for.

LEGO Star Wars:

The LEGO Star Wars magazines seem to through phases of being really good and a bit meh, of course that is my personal opinion, we’ve has some really lack-lustre builds in the past but this issue is surprisingly good. Yes we’ve had an A-Wing before but who doesn’t love a classic Star Wars ship?!

The previous one we had had red accents, where as this one is green, not knowing enough about Star Wars I couldn’t tell you which film or era they came from, but I love this micro-scale builds.

The dark green parts are nice see and work well against the white, there is also a hint of grey, and the transparent screen looks good.

Sadly I don’t think it looks quite right, perhaps this vehicle doesn’t lend itself very well to this scale size. Id like to see more exclusive Star Wars Minifigures from these magazines, as the last real sought-after one was Bespin Luke Skywalker!


As we mentioned above the posters are always great pieces of art and are worth the taking out and either popping them up on your wall or keeping them safe for a later date. I personally keep everyone and have a draw full of them!

Here are the ones from this months issues…

Next issues’ freebies:

If you’re anything like me then flicking to the back of the issue is one of the firdt things I do, I need to know what cool thing is coming my way next!

Take a look at what’s in store for us in December’s issues…

Thank you for taking the time to read through this LEGO magazine roundup, please leave a comment below and let us know if you managed to grab any of these issues and their freebies!

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