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The latest issue (84) of the hugely popular LEGO Star Wars Magazine is out and comes bundled with a rather cool micro Razor Crest build!

Having been collecting these ourselves on and off over the last few years as we’re excited to see the return of the Razor Crest albeit in micro size. None-the-less the small but mighty build is fun and most importantly ‘swooshable’, holding it and whooshing it through the air is cool, adding in a few ‘pew pew‘s here & there for good measure.

Also inside the magazine we get the usual gumph found in pretty much every LEGO magazine. Filled with puzzles, activities and of course a comic story or two.

The highlight of most issues are the posters, I tend to carefully remove them and keep them stored away for later use, when a LEGO room has been acquired.

In this outing we again get a double-sided poster that features Bounty Hunters on one side and Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on the other. The Art work on these LEGO posters is great and so much fun to look at, a must keep for young & old fans alike. 

The build itself is small but again enjoyable, with a variety of techniques from standard building to more advanced SNOT (studs not on top) pieces. There are even two printed circular parts included, those make up the detail in the thrusters.

Being a micro build there isn’t any room for a Minifigure, or even Grogu for that matter. The details are limited to the size also although there are enough present to make out that it is indeed based on the Razor Crest.

Adding a hint of Yellow also works well here although it is somewhat hidden by the ships guns.

The basic shape of the now iconic ship is there and that is the point after all. Having the canopy slightly raised like it is doesn’t quite work but I understand the restrictions there is due to the size of it.

Overall the free foil bag micro Razor Crest is a great little addition to the magazine line up and one I’m happy to have picked up. Next month’s issue comes with a Darth Maul Minifigure, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Side-by-side with the Microfighter Razor Crest


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