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If you’re in the UK I’d recommend heading down to your local LEGO Store to grab a cool freebie. The make & take is branded as a Father’s Day event but anyone can pop in and collect the small but just as awesome Grill/BBQ Minibuild!

The event is at select stores so make sure to phone ahead first before popping in, to save a wasted trip, although no trip is wasted when a LEGO Store is involved. It will be run over two days and at certain times, see below.

  • 11th June: 10am to 12pm
  • 12th June: 12pm to 2pm

LEGO Father’s Day Grill Minibuild I was lucky enough to be passing my local store, Southampton, and popped in with my Son, Brick Post Jr, who also wanted to grab the treat. Thankfully the pieces were bagged up ready to rock ‘n’ roll and we picked up one and carried on shopping. 


As you can see from photos the build is quite small and has a total of 36 parts. This is on though as the Grill does look smart especially when you pop a Minifigure next to it.

LEGO Father’s Day Grill Minibuild

It is slightly too tall for Minifigures to use it safely so a modification maybe in order to lower it, but other than that the finished product is great. What I particularly like is the printed tile, it is different to the one that was advertised but this is fine with me as I don’t recall seeing it before.

There is a very basic playability feature in the form of the Hills lid can be lifted up thanks to it being hinged to the back. I would have liked a food item of some sort to be included but sadly there aren’t any, perhaps a black sausage piece to exaggerate the fact most sausages are burnt on the BBQ!

LEGO Father’s Day Grill Minibuild

Overall the free make & take Grill is well worth picking up, the short but detailed build process is fun and one that can be enjoyed with younger fans, if you have any.

Please do let us know if you managed to grab one of these and what you think of it below jn the comments section. Thank you for reading this short review of the LEGO Father’s Day Grill set.

LEGO Father’s Day Grill Minibuild

Minifigure not included

LEGO Father’s Day Grill Minibuild Parts

Parts list

Celebrate Father’s Day At Select LEGO Stores And Bag A Free BBQ Minibuild!

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