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When it comes to purchasing a LEGO magazine, AFOLs tend to be swayed by the freebie, be it a micro-build or a Minifigure we decide if the issue is worth it or not.

The LEGO Star Wars magazines rarely disappoint and this month’s is another top example of that.

Front cover

The cover photo is of Luke Skywalker and says ‘Good Vs Evil: It’s the ultimate battle’, and shows part of the ‘mega comic’ story found within the issue. Usually we get a glimpse of the double sided poster but not this time.

The Freebie included, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is an Emperor Palpatine Minifigure, which is fairly rare as it’s only found in one other set, LEGO Death Star Final Duel (75291).

Emperor Palpatine

Tear open the foil bag and tip out the pieces, and you’ll find the usual Minifigure parts along with a Lightsaber and a fabric cape. I’m so glad they included a Cape made from fabric as the newer, paper-like, capes are prone to creasing and tearing.

Minifigure parts

We get one of the newer hood pieces that is open at the bottom, this slips over the head which has two faces, one side is an everyday expression and the other is more aggressive, perfect for an evil Emperor!

The printing of the torso seems basic at first glance, being just white lines, but the quality is still there and looks good on the final product.

Hood piece and printing

We also get his Lightsaber in the pack, it is made up of a gold hilt and red transparent bar.

The whole Minifigure looks absolutely stunning and menacing arlt the same time, and definitely worthwhile picking up if you can get out safely of course.

The fact that it is only available in one other set, as mentioned above, makes it even more special, and for the cost of £3.99 is a steal!

Ready for battle

The magazine itself is full of activities that keep the younger fans occupied and its a great way to get them involved early on and into LEGO as a whole. My young Son, 5, loves completing the Maze and matching puzzles.

Some activities and games are slightly more unusual and take a little more time to master, for instance ‘Quick Spin to Tatooine’ is essentially another maze but requires you to find out which route is successful from the three suggested.

Another cool puzzle is trying to arrange Emperor Palpatine and his lightning attack into least to most power usage, quite tricky for the younger fans as there are very subtle differences between each stage.

I have the power!

Amongst the plethora of activities you’ll come across a feature of the very set this Minifigure appears in, LEGO Death Star Final Duel (75291). It shares details, information and the other Minifigures relating to that set and gives you the low down on the playability aspects of it also.

The comic strip story, called ‘The New Fighter’, sees a whole host of classic Star Wars ships returning, an A-wing, X-Wing, and Y-Wing can all be seen.

The second story, called ‘Lightning Hands’ featured the man of the Magazine himself, Palpatine.

These comics are so good and well worth a read, sharing them with younger fans is a must and helps expand the LEGO Star Wars Universe, and plus they’re just great fun and full of laughs!

There’s one thing I keep from every issue of LEGO magazine, no matter which one it is, City, Ninjago, Jurassic World, Star Wars, and yes even Friends – the posters!

The artwork is usually top notch and very bright & colourful, me and my Son have tons of them stored away in a draw.

The centre fold image is Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker battling it out with their Lightsabers, you can also see Emperor Palpatine in the background, looking very ominous.

As always we share what freebie we will get in the next issue, sadly its not a Minifigure, although we have been very fortunate of late and had a handful of great Minifigures.

I don’t recall seeing this micro-build, V-Wing, before but I maybe wrong as I’m relatively new to the LEGO Magazine scene.

Do you collect these magazines or any iteration of LEGO magazine? Do you prefer Minifigures or Micro-builds? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for stopping by and reading this short review, we hope you enjoyed it. These magazines are available from most good newsagents and supermarkets.


LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 69


The Magazine is standard and is packed with the usual activities and puzzles, albeit slightly different and Star Wars related.

It features a double page spread on the LEGO Death Star Final Duel (75291) set which is nice and makes for an interesting read finding out about the set and the playability of it.

The Minifigure is great and quite rare, as its only ever been in the above mentioned set. The addition of the fabric Cape is a nice touch and much preferred over the newer paper ones.

Overall an awesome issue, the Minifigure really pulls this one out of the bag, and for £3.99 it's definitely a bargain.


The Magazine 7.5
The Freebie 9.5
The Cost (£3.99) 10
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