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Issue 60 of the LEGO Star Wars Magazine is out in all good newsagents now and as well as the usual gumpf inside, puzzles, comics etc, you are also given a free foil bag which contains a rather impressive A-Wing!

Magazine front

Us AFOLs know by now that the only real reason to grab the LEGO Magazines that come out is for the Mini-build, and the occasional Minifigure.

Foil bag

The free build that comes with this magazine is an A-Wing, we may have been graced with this before on the very same magazine, being issue 60 it’s very highly likely.

Bits & pieces

The build itself is quite good to be totally honest. You get 44 pieces, mostly white with a splash of red.

Side view

Enjoyable and quick, there aren’t many steps involved in creating this iconic ship.


You get two of those newer 1×3 jumper tiles, the ones with two offset jumper points, which is quite fancy.

Rear view

I actually really like this build, the shape and curves match somewhat to the original and it brings this little ship alive. I can see myself designing a MOC for it and displaying it somewhere. Again it’s an iconic ship from Star Wars and would slide right into any fans collection!


On to the rest of the magazine and what’s inside.

You get the usual contents, two comics, handful of puzzles, and a set image or two.


I do tend to read through the comic stories as some are quite good. This issue features Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, oh and a giant space worm!

Boba Fett poster

I do collect the posters, as the art on them is done rather well. I put them in a fold and keep them stored away. Either for future displaying or framing up for my little Boy, who is forever changing what he wants hanging on his bedroom walls.

Door handle signs

On the back page/cover you get two door handle signs. Each with a different design on the back. Great for younger fans to keep us Adults out!

Overall, another great issue, and the mini-build is awesome.

I like when these magazines have something substantial as a freebie, be it an iconic Star Wars ship or an exclusive Minifigure.

Next weeks freebie is an AT-AT! So keep an eye open for that one sometime soon.

Do you or your little LEGO fan collect these magazines? Let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite.

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